Message from Stakeholders on CSR Initiatives

The favorable location of the IC industrial park attracts attention due to the development and extension of the Doto Expressway

Otofuke Town, Hokkaido

Kunihiko Fukaya Manager, Commerce and Industry Tourism Division, Economic Department Photo of Toru Akabuchi, Manager, Commerce and Industry Tourism Division, Economic Department
Manager, Commerce and Industry Tourism Division, Economic Department
Kunihiko Fukaya (right)
Chief of Commerce and Industry Tourism Division, Economic Department
Toru Akabuchi (left)

Otofuke is located in the center of the Tokachi plain, which is said to be the granary region of Japan, and is a town with a thriving agricultural industry. Although it has developed as a bed town in Obihiro City, from the viewpoint of securing employment in the town, we planned to establish an industrial park adjacent to Otofuke Obihiro IC and started sales in 2000. Initially, we were thinking of attracting a food factory that processes agricultural products in Otofuke Town, but since the opening of Doto Expressway Yubari to Shimukappu in 2011, the Central and Eastern regions were directly connected. With the establishment of logistics centers of major companies, the number of locations and inquiries from logistics companies has increased. Otofuke is located almost in the middle of Sapporo and Kushiro, so it was used as a relay point for distribution routes in both regions, and we achieved a sales rate of approximately 92% at the end of last year.

In Otofuke Town, we are also focusing on sightseeing, centering on Tokachigawa Onsen. We are planning a bus tour for travelers to Sapporo and Asahikawa, and it has been well received. At other events, the number of customers from Kitami and Kushiro is increasing, and the effects of Expressway maintenance are also reflected in tourism promotion. Expressway if further promote the development of is, Otofuke not only Doo and the Kushiro area, we believe that can be a base for Dohoku and Okhotsk district also wide-area network, including, for further improvements Doto Expressway four lanes of Is desired. Also, in Otofuke Town, we are considering installing a smart IC near Tokachigawa Onsen to revitalize the area.

Photo of IC Industrial Park
IC industrial park

With the opening of the Aqua Line, the ability to attract customers has improved dramatically
Inbound effect in recent years

Mother ranch

Photo by Kentoshi Sato, Manager, Advertising Department, Sales Department
Sales Department Advertising Section Manager
Mr. Kentoshi Sato

Mother Farm is a tourist ranch with abundant nature where you can interact with animals, enjoy an amusement park, and enjoy the flowers of the four seasons. If you use the Tokyo Wan Aqua-Line Expressway you can get there from the Tokyo / Yokohama area in about one to one and a half hours. In recent years, the inbound effect has also appeared on this ranch, and there are many foreign visitors who come from JR Kimitsu Station by the first bus in the morning. Since the opening of the Aqua Line in 1997, the number of visitors for group tours from the Kansai area has increased, and the following year, the number of visitors has exceeded 1 million. 2009 The Kimitsu PA smart IC is opened, such as convenience is further enhanced, Expressway I feel that the effect of the improvement has come out. The word "Kimitsu PA Smart IC is convenient!" Is also used as an advertisement for Mother Farm.

NEXCO EAST, we plan a stamp rally in cooperation with tourist facilities in the Minamiboso area, put a pamphlet on the PA, and launch a tourism PR booth at "Umihotaru" jointly with the local Futtsu city. Etc. are strengthening cooperation. Mother Ranch also holds nighttime events such as summer fireworks and winter illuminations. I think that if you can spend the night slowly, it will help alleviate the congestion on the Expressway, so I would be happy if you could publicize it in NEXCO EAST.

Pictures of sheep in the "Sheep Show"
With sheep of "sheep show"

New IC will bring further flow of people and goods and industrial promotion

Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture

Photo of Mayor Shinagawa Manri
Shinagawa Manri

Koriyama City is located at the intersection of Tohoku Expressway and Ban-Etsu Expressway, and is a key point for high-speed transportation that also connects to Joban Expressway and Kan-Etsu Expressway. If you use the Shinkansen, it is the shortest, 4th from Tokyo Station, and the travel time is about 80 minutes, making it very easy to access from the city center. Maintenance of the ring road in the city is also progressing, and we believe that it is the best place for business activities. In January 2019, the fifth Koriyama Chuo Smart IC in the city will be opened, and further improvements in convenience are expected.

The smart IC and the urban area are connected by a highway, which improves accessibility to commercial facilities, cultural facilities, emergency lifesaving hospitals, and the first and second industrial parks in western Koriyama. In addition to the establishment of new distribution bases and commercial facilities due to the Large the exchange population and the activation of the flow of goods, the development of a sixth industrialization utilizing rice and rice for brewing from Koriyama and grapes for brewing We expect that it will lead to.

What I consider to be future challenges is the maintenance and effective use of land around the IC. Development around the IC contributes to diversification, efficiency, and facilitation of transportation and transportation, such as efficient use of park and ride and transportation vehicles, and has great potential. We have just deregulated land use around the IC and would like to encourage its use.

Photo of Koriyama Chuo Smart IC Out-bound line (in front)
Koriyama Chuo Smart IC Out-bound line (front)

Fire fighting is a battle against time
Expressway network maintenance saves lives

Joetsu area firefighting office association

Pictures of the fire department and the Joetsu-minami fire department
Fire Department Headquarters and Joetsu Minami Fire Department

Joetsu City and Myoko City, which are under the jurisdiction of the Joetsu Regional Fire Service Association, are surrounded by mountains and coasts, and the number of accidents by foreign skiers has increased in recent years. In summer, accidents of mountaineers and bathers frequently cause emergency and rescue operations, and the use of the Expressway is indispensable not only for early arrival to the site due to use of the Expressway but also for transfer to other specialized hospitals within and outside the prefecture. is. A petrochemical complex fire is one of the measures taken at the coast. The "Dragon Hyper Command Unit", which is a special vehicle specialized for large-scale disasters such as petrochemical complex fires, has been deployed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Fire Department to this association. In the event of this fire, the Expressway has become an extremely important infrastructure for dispatching nationwide as a specialized unit of the emergency fire support team to secure a large amount of water discharge for a long time necessary for fire fighting activities.

The disaster response on Expressway requires cooperation with NEXCO EAST, and joint disaster drills are jointly held once a year, and will be held in Joetsu City at the end of October this year. In the "Emergency Fire Assistance Team Hokkaido Tohoku Block Joint Training", a large-scale training assuming a multiple collision accident was conducted on the Hokuriku Road, aiming to strengthen cooperation with NEXCO EAST. By December 2018, about 80% of the Joshinetsu Expressway lanes have been completed, and there are significant effects such as reducing fatal accidents in face-to-face traffic and enabling quick fire fighting activities by avoiding traffic congestion. We hope that you will continue to contribute to the safety and security of the region.

Photo of the core vehicle of "Dragon Hyper Command Unit"
Core vehicle of "Dragon Hyper Command Unit"