Third-party opinion on CSR report

We received your opinions on this report.

You can read the management that emphasizes coexistence with the local community and the management attitude to train employees as "human resources".
Photograph by Junichi Mizuo, Senior Researcher, Business Ethics Research Center, Vice Chairman, Japan Society for Business Ethics, Professor Emeritus, Surugadai University, Ph.D.
General Incorporated Association Business Ethics Practice Research Center
Chief Researcher, Executive Director, Japan Society for Business Ethics
Professor Emeritus, Surugadai University, Ph.D. (Business Administration)
Mizuo Junichi

Points that can be highly evaluated

Throughout, the stakeholder capitalist management stance has been maintained.

In August 2019, the Business Roundtable, an American executive body, revised its corporate value standards and made a major shift to stakeholder capitalism that emphasizes the stakeholders surrounding the company. At the World Economic Forum (commonly known as the Davos Conference) held in Davos, Switzerland, in January 2020, a "sustainable and cohesive world created by stakeholders" was raised, and the "warning against climate change" and " Two of the main themes were the transition to stakeholder capitalism.

What can be said in common with both is a management stance that emphasizes various stakeholders. NEXCO EAST Report 2020, we can read the spirit of stakeholder capitalism focusing on the following two points (for the convenience of the magazine, we will focus on the local community and employees).

(1) The first is to emphasize management that coexists with the local community. I feel that it is important to contribute to the comfortable life of local residents and people who use the company's services and to enjoy their benefits. For example, from Special Feature 1 at the beginning of the report to support activities that provide safety and security in disaster prevention and restoration in disaster-stricken areas, and Special Feature 2 from the use of the "Pasar Hasuda" service area to Expressway users as well as local communities. You can learn from activities that offer convenience and comfort.

(2) The second is the management attitude to train employees as “human resources”. Education and training for employees that support sustainable development is called “Educatoin for Sustainable Development (ESD)”. From the special feature 3 "Maintenance and operation of NEXCO EAST Technical Center", through the four efforts of engineer training, research and technology development, expert support, safety education and enlightenment, we support the training of employees as ESD of the company. You can know the attitude to emphasize.

Expectations for future development

I look forward to working on a new way of working, "flex work."

Against the background of preventing the risk of infection from the new coronavirus in 2020, work style reforms such as telework such as working from home, overtime reduction, and shortened working hours have advanced. Telework and remote conferences are expected to evolve even after the Corona's evil has converged by using Zoom and Teams, and the new work style "Flex Work (FW)" recommended by us is also expected. I will.

Flex work means flex time (working hours such as staggered commuting and modified working hours), flex day (working days and holidays such as employees working 3 days a week, working 4 days a week when working from home), flex working. It is a flexible working style such as office (FW of working place such as teleworking and working from home).

With regard to flex work, some companies are also introducing it, so one option is to first specify the overall direction and then start listening to the voices of employees on site.

Now that corporate activities are changing with after-corona, flex work is effective for innovation in anticipation of new forms of organization. We sincerely hope that this will lead to sustainable development of the company.

Photo of Toshiki Koike, General Manager, Public Relations & CSR Department, NEXCO EAST
Public Relations/CSR Manager
Toshiki Koike

NEXCO EAST Group has stated in its Group Management Vision, "We will grow as a company that creates" connecting "value and contributes to all stakeholders toward the realization of a prosperous society that transcends regions, countries, and generations." .. We are very honored to have been evaluated for our efforts in a global trend that emphasizes stakeholders.

As for the measures against the new coronavirus, as described in this report, we are promoting teleworking and staggered work to prevent infection of all Group employees while striving to secure the functions of the Expressway network. As a new way of working as shown, we will continue to aim to become a company that contributes to the development of local communities through the Expressway business while promoting the establishment of telework.