Response to customer feedback

The customer center receives about 1,100 inquiries per day via telephone or the inquiry form (email) on the NEXCO EAST portal site.

In FY2019, we received about 400,000 opinions and inquiries, about 30% of which were related to transportation. In particular, typhoons No. 15 and No. 19 have been closed for a long time in the Tokyo metropolitan area, so the number of inquiries about transportation increased by about 13,000 compared to the previous year.

NEXCO EAST Group will continue to focus on providing customers with high-quality services, and will share and analyze the opinions and requests received by the entire Group, including the management team, in order to provide customer service. I will use it for improvement.

Changes in the number of applications (total for the fiscal year)

Image of the number of receptions (total for the year)

お問い合わせ、ご意見・ご要望の内訳 (2019年度)

Image of Inquiry, Opinion / Request Breakdown (FY2018)

Cycle that makes good use of customer feedback

Image of a cycle that utilizes customer feedback

Efforts of safety measures in the SA · PA (Tohoku Regional Head Office pipe)

Tohoku Expressway The slope of Kunimi SA (In-bound line) will slip if it gets wet in the rain, so I want you to take immediate measures.

We installed anti-slip tape on the slope and posted a warning notice at the shop.
We are doing the same construction on the Out-bound line side to ensure the safety of our customers.

Slope anti-slip measures (photo before construction of Tohoku Expressway Kunimi SA (In-bound line)
Before construction
Slope anti-slip measures (photograph after construction of Tohoku Expressway Kunimi SA (In-bound line)
After construction

We introduce improvement cases based on the opinions and requests sent to the Customer Center on the Web as "Efforts that make use of customer feedback."

Image of an external rating agency of the call center that has won three stars for eight consecutive years

Received a three-star rating for eight consecutive years at an external evaluation center of the call center

HDI (Help Desk Institute), which evaluates the quality and ease of connection of call centers, received the highest rating ★★★ (3 stars) for the eighth consecutive year from 2012 in the "Phone inquiry window rating survey". Did.