Third-party opinion on CSR report

We received your opinions on this report.


Representative Director / Chairman of Japan Compliance & Governance Research Institute Permanent Director of Japan Society for Business Ethics Professor Emeritus, Surugadai University (Business Administration) Photograph of Junichi Mizuo
Representative Director / Chairman of Nihon Compliance & Governance Research Institute
Standing Director of Japan Society for Business Ethics
Professor Emeritus, Surugadai University, Ph.D. (Business Administration)
Junichi Mizuo

Points that can be highly evaluated

Based on the creation of "connecting" value, the attitude of working on the cooperation between the new medium-term management plan and the SDGs is well disclosed.

In 2021, the newly formulated medium-term management plan will be clarified by six basic policies and priority issues, and efforts will be made toward the realization of the medium-term management plan in cooperation with the 17 goals and 169 targets of the SDGs. You can fully understand how it goes.
Moreover, in addition to setting KPIs as key performance indicators, the goals are achieved by making the financial plan centered on the profit and loss / investment plan, which is the basis of the management plan, concretely visualized according to each business entity. We have a clear roadmap for.
As a result, the collaboration between the new medium-term management plan based on an extremely excellent plan and the SDGs will become a compass for the common goals of the entire company, and is highly expected to lead to the improvement of organizational vitality.

You can learn about the efforts to support reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake through a special article.

The road network in the East Japan region, which can be said to be the business foundation of NEXCO EAST In addition to the impact on the company's business environment, all stakeholders, including local residents, business partners, and employees, have been engaged in reconstruction activities for the past 10 years. It can be said that it has made a great contribution as the basis of this. Joban Expressway Expressway network such as the installation of new ICs and smart ICs, the strengthening of disaster response capabilities such as the conversion of rest facilities into disaster prevention bases, and community contribution activities related to various reconstructions. It can be seen as a model for other companies as a strategic CSR activity that integrates the company's business activities.

Expectations for future development

We hope that the SDGs will foster a sense of unity between management and the field and work with colleagues.

With the announcement of the new medium-term management plan, the direction of the SDGs that your company should take has become clear. Since the commitment of the management has been transmitted, it is expected that bottom-up efforts will be made in the future by integrating the activities of the management and the field. For example, the ability to think and move by oneself while thinking from an "employee's point of view" through the establishment of a voluntarily formed organization (hereinafter referred to as "SDGs supporter") by raising one's hand to express participation. By demonstrating "thinking power"), the site will come to life.
This is because strategic CSR activities such as the SDGs include mental elements such as individual ethics and feelings, so gaining "empathy" through the understanding and conviction of colleagues drives the activity. Because it takes.
The more SDGs supporters are voluntarily gathered regardless of age, gender, workplace, occupation, job title, etc., the more they are not particular about the hierarchy in which freedom and flexibility are demonstrated. (Flat) It will be an organization on the 3rd floor, and their motivation will be high. As a result, they can stand a little away from the person in charge of the workplace and managers, and can look at the organization from the vertical, horizontal, and diagonal sides with the sense of a corporate citizen, which is a new approach to the SDGs. It also leads to the creation of perspectives.
We sincerely hope that the "thinking power" of SDGs supporters will lead to the sustainable development of your company.

Photograph of Toshiki Koike, General Manager, Public Relations and CSR Department, NEXCO EAST
Public Relations / CSR Manager
Toshiki Koike

Thank you for your high evaluation of our efforts in "NEXCO EAST We also recognize that raising the level of awareness in the field is a major issue for the internal penetration of the SDGs, and we would like to thank you again for your suggestions that will be of great reference to this issue. increase.
As you can see in this report, a new medium-term management plan started this year, but prior to this, we NEXCO EAST Group 's vision of CSR." NEXCO EAST Group 's business activities themselves, it expresses the idea that "value that can be reached by stakeholders" and "corporate value of the entire group" are synergistically created. Going forward, we will continue to aim to be a company that contributes to all stakeholders, with the CSR keyword of "connecting the region and connecting with the region."