Nurturing children's minds while protecting the natural environment through biotopes that utilize road facilities

Akiruno, Tokyo

"Akiruno IC Biotope" where animals and plants in harmony with the surrounding environment inhabit

Photograph of Shota Tobizawa, a teacher at Yashiro Elementary School in Akiruno, Tokyo
Yashiro Elementary School, Akiruno City, Tokyo Teacher
Shota Tobizawa

Akiruno City, located in the western part of the Tama area of Tokyo, is a place full of greenery with the Akigawa River, which is said to be the largest tributary of the Tama River. At the Akiruno IC on the Ken-Ken-o Expressway (Ken-O Road Expressway) in this area NEXCO EAST has developed a biotope in which wild animals and plants can stably inhabit in order to protect such a natural environment. We at Yashiro Elementary School paid attention to it.
At our school, which has been observing wild birds as part of science classes, we wanted to expand the scope and observe various creatures for learning. In the process, NEXCO EAST 's efforts and asked if I could do something with the biotope, and this biotope nature observation event started.

Held a nature observation event to learn by interacting with living things

At the nature observation session, 1st and 4th graders, who mainly have observation learning classes, participate in observing animals and plants that change throughout the year and recording them on observation papers and photographs. In addition, we are conducting hands-on activities that give you a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment, such as using the plants found in the biotope to create products that are shaped like the creatures that live there. In addition, NEXCO EAST group employees are provided with opportunities that lead to learning, such as visiting the biotope with children and explaining animals and plants.
This biotope is divided into forest zone / grassland zone / waterside / wetland zone, and each area is explained in an easy-to-understand manner while looking at the real thing, so it seems that children's understanding is deepening.
After all, children's interests are completely different between sitting in a classroom and taking classes and actually experiencing and learning. For example, children who are not good at insects may become interested by listening to the story while looking at the real thing, and the way of playing outside the school may change, such as playing outdoors more than indoors. Also, since I started participating in nature observation meetings, I have created a creature clerk in my class, and children are voluntarily interested in taking care of creatures. The facial expressions when facing living things are very calm, and I feel that contact with various animals and plants leads not only from the perspective of learning but also to nurturing the rich hearts of children. In that sense, I think this biotope is a wonderful place.

I want to convey the wonderfulness of biotope to many people

I was the same at first, but I think there Expressway NEXCO EAST and are not familiar with the existence of biotopes and efforts to protect the natural environment.
I think many people will be interested in knowing what kind of place the biotope is and what kind of efforts it is making. By all means, I would like to spread the learning effect of this observation session to other schools.
In the future, in NEXCO EAST, I hope that the gentle hearts of children will be nurtured through the many animals and plants that inhabit the biotope of Akiruno IC, and that they will grow physically and mentally while protecting the natural environment. ..

Photograph of nature observation event
State of nature observation meeting
Photograph of the creation of the product
Creation of product
Insect description photo
Description of insects