Expecting the strengths of off-road vehicles that are active in the event of a disaster
Concluded a disaster agreement between the Off-Road Vehicle Association and NEXCO EAST

Niigata Prefecture Minami-Numa City

Disseminate the appeal of 4-wheel buggies and snowmobiles

Photograph of Mr. Moriyuki Takahashi, Representative Director of Off-Road Vehicle Association
Off-Road Vehicle Association
Representative Director
Mr. Moriyuki Takahashi

"Four-wheel buggies" and "snowmobiles" (off-road vehicles) that run off-road in forests and snow are superior in mobility and running performance compared to general automobiles and motorcycles, but when driving No license is required, so you will need your own skills in management and driving.
Therefore, in April 2020, we aim to utilize the strengths of off-road vehicles to provide rescue support in the event of a training course on correct handling and driving skills, as well as the appeal of off-road vehicles as outdoor leisure activities. The Off-Road Vehicle Association was launched by two people, myself and my colleagues, who run a snowmobile specialty shop in Minami Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture. As of April 2021, there are 56 members of the association, most of whom are customers of my shop.

Support for rescue of victims of vehicle stagnation due to heavy snowfall and conclusion of disaster agreement

What attracted attention from the association was the large-scale vehicle stagnation caused by heavy snowfall Kan-Etsu Expressway Originally, an employee of this shop got caught up in a vehicle stay on the way home from work and headed Kan-Etsu Expressway When I arrived at the site, about 2000 cars were stuck, so when I told the nearby Self-Defense Forces that I would like to provide rescue support, I NEXCO EAST to coordinate with me and agreed with me. I did. We used the two off-road vehicles we brought there to help the victims trapped in the car.
At this time, the snow was piled up to the height of the waist, but since the off-road vehicle is a vehicle developed for running in such a place, it runs like sewing between cars and the exhaust gas does not fill the inside of the car. I started from the snow shoveling work. After that, in addition to distributing food and transporting gasoline to operate heating, we worked hard for more than half a day to rescue the victims, such as confirming survival and investigating the number of cars staying.
This initiative has triggered many people to know the usefulness of off-road vehicles, and now a NEXCO EAST, and a system is in place for emergency dispatch upon request. I am. In addition, we are making careful preparations so that rescue activities can be carried out promptly in the event of a disaster, such as joint training with related organizations such as NEXCO EAST

I want you to know the appeal of off-road vehicles and their contribution to improving disaster prevention capabilities in Japan.

Since the attention to off-road vehicles has increased due to this disaster agreement, we hope that the appeal and enjoyment of off-road vehicles as a leisure activity will be widely recognized. And I hope you will know that the driving skills gained through play and hobbies will help many people in the event of a disaster.
Since natural disasters have been increasing all over the country in recent years, off-road vehicles will contribute to improving Japan's disaster prevention capabilities NEXCO EAST At the same time, I hope it will be useful for the victims.

Photograph of the workshop
State of the class
Photograph of rescue support on the Kan-Etsu Expressway
Rescue support on the Kan-Etsu Expressway
Photograph of training with related organizations
Training with related organizations