Response to customer feedback

The Customer Center is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve customers. We receive about 320,000 inquiries a year and an average of 870 inquiries a day via telephone and email.
The primary role of the Customer Center is to serve as a contact point for customers and to respond to inquiries in a unified manner with high quality. The on-the-spot response completion rate for inquiries is 97.6%. 2.4% submit reports, confirmations, and survey requests to the department in charge.
In addition, the feedback received is shared and analyzed by the entire group, including management, and is used for local response and business improvement, and is used for efforts to improve customer service.

Changes in the number of applications (total for the fiscal year)

Image image of changes in the number of receptions (total for the year)


Image of breakdown of inquiries, opinions and requests (FY2020)

Cycle that makes good use of customer feedback

Image of a cycle that utilizes customer feedback

Received 3 stars for 9 consecutive years at an external evaluation agency of a call center

Image image of winning three stars for nine consecutive years at an external evaluation organization of the call center

HDI (Help Desk Institute)'s "Telephone Inquiry Counter Rating Survey", which ranks the quality and ease of connection of contact centers, has given the highest rating of ★★★ (three stars) for the ninth consecutive year since 2012. I got it.

Improvement examples that utilize customer feedback

"Countermeasures against reflection on the back of the Ban-Etsu Expressway
If you are running in the direction of Iwaki (In-bound line) from Koriyama, the west sun will be reflected on the back of the guide sign on the Out-bound

[Status of correspondence]
A matte paint was applied to the back of the sign to prevent reflection.

Photo before countermeasures
Before measures
Photo after countermeasures
After measures


Photograph of Ikuko Takekawa, Director of Customer Center, Public Relations and CSR Department, General Affairs and Accounting Headquarters
General Affairs / Accounting Headquarters
Public Relations / CSR Department
Customer Center
manager of centre
Ikuko Takekawa

The Customer Center serves as a contact point for customers, and by centrally providing high-quality services, we will increase the value of delivering to customers. In the future, in order to further enhance customer service, we will continue to improve services for the digital society, analyze customer feedback using the latest technology, and utilize it in our business to improve corporate value. I will aim for it.
In addition, we will strive to reform the work styles of our employees by building a comfortable working environment in which we can continue to respond to customers even in the event of an emergency such as a natural disaster or corona disaster.