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Message from stakeholders

Aquamarine Fukushima

Restart business at a miraculous speed even after the earthquake on the route from various places using the Expressway
Director Mr. Yoshitaka Abe
Mr. Yoshitaka Abe

"Environmental Aquarium" Aquamarine Fukushima

"Environmental Aquarium" Aquamarine Fukushima

Fukushima Marine Science Museum Fukushima Marine Science Museum Aquamarine Fukushima opened in 2000 in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, and will celebrate 18 years this year. 70% of visitors are mostly from Joban Expressway from Tokyo area to Sendai area, especially from customers outside the prefecture. Meanwhile, attracting customers using the Ban-Etsu Expressway such as Niigata and Yamagata is also important, and we are actively attracting customers, including participating in NEXCO EAST events.

In the Great East Japan Earthquake, we directly received the damage of the tsunami and lost much of the breeding organisms due to blackouts, but as the collection route from all over Japan using the Expressway was established, it was miraculously over three months I was able to resume sales. In that sense, there is no doubt that the Expressway is an important entity supporting the hotel.

Although it was only one exhibit at the time of opening, in 18 years I expanded the exhibition area throughout the wharf. As an "Environmental Aquarium," I would like to continue to create facilities that allow me to learn and enjoy experiencing slowly and enjoying over half a day instead of a short staying time.

Chosei-gun Municipal Wide Area Municipal Area Union Fire Division Headquarters

Ken-O Road opened, the number of choices for the destination has increased, and the stability of the road surface makes smooth treatment in the car

Firefighting headquarters

Firefighting headquarters

Chosei county city wide area municipality area association is composed of 1 city 5 towns 1 village located in the almost central part of Chiba prefecture, and the area area is approximately 327 km2. In the firefighting headquarters, we carry out lifesaving activities of the area with eight ambulances, but the number of emergency dispatch in 2017 In-bound 8,612, and prompt transportation is required every day. Under such circumstances, the Chuo Ken-O Road (between Togane JCT and Kisarazu East IC) was opened in 2013, and the Eastern Chiba Medical Center, a tertiary medical institution, opened in 2014, resulting in a 60-minute transportation area The choice of destination hospital has increased. This is a huge advantage, and it also leads to the relief of emergency personnel who take on-site emergency decisions.

Also, Ken-O Road is one of the merits of having a very good road surface. In the case of treatment in an ambulance, if there is a danger such as a bounce on a rough road or a slip on a wet road surface, it will be forced to stop on the shoulder and delivery will be delayed. It is only as far as it is possible to carry out treatment while traveling without worrying about the road surface. However, if it is a single lane road on one side, even if you stop by stopping at a shoulder of a general car, you may not be able to overtake it quite easily. In order to carry out more quickly, in the future it is desirable to have a four-lane Ken-O Road.

Exterior of the fire department

Nagaoka city, Niigata

Traffic convenience using IC is a great merit for industrial park development
Mr. Masaaki Kaneko Manager, Industry Location Division, Commerce and Industry Department (left) Hisashi Sato, Manager, Industry Location Division, Commerce and Industry Division (Right)
Manager, Industry Location Division, Commerce & Industry Department
Masaaki Kaneko (left)
Deputy Director, Commerce and Industry Department
Hisao Sato (right)

Nagaoka North North Smart IC area

Nagaoka North North Smart IC area

In business such as development, construction, sale, and invitation of companies inside and outside the prefecture of industrial parks that we are in charge of, we will utilize the features such as Expressway , convenience of transport around the IC, etc. and respond to the demand of the new industrial complex It is important to make use of it.

In Nagaoka City where branch points of Hokuriku Expressway and Kan-Etsu Expressway are located, Nagaoka IC and Nakanoshima Municipal IC are added with Echigogukuiguchi IC, Nagaoka Kita and Nagaoka Minami - Echiro and two smart ICs to add a total of 5 Since ICs are in place, we are constantly considering the development of apartment complexes with advantages of good access and connections with major regions.

In particular, in the vicinity of the Nagaoka North smart IC that was opened in 2017, we are planning the plan of "Nagaoka North North Smart Distribution Industrial Complex" with the goal of starting distribution from 2020 onwards, and as a receipt for a wide range of industries including distribution, 1,000 We are hoping for employment on a scale.

It is the amount of snowfall in Nagaoka City that companies concerned about entering are surely concerned. Regarding this, although I think that the countermeasure of NEXCO EAST is progressing, as city, we continue to take measures against snowfalls around the park and around the general road to further enhance the appeal of Nagaoka.

Dongdu Transportation Co., Ltd.

Doto Expressway which supported the transportation in the event of a disaster is just the road of the way of the Middle East
Representative Director and President Yuko Tomohide (right) Senior Managing Director Takahashi Sekihiko (left)
Representative Director and President
Yuko Tomohide (right)
Senior Managing Director
Takahashi few times (left)

33 vehicles connect Hokkaido

33 vehicles connect Hokkaido

We Obihiro - Tomakomai, agricultural materials in the center of the Hisashiken Sapporo road, livestock feed, agricultural products, we are the transport business, such as wood products. 2016 August 29-31 days typhoon by Hokkaido Nisshō Pass in heavy rain disaster, Karikachi Pass become a critical state that is shredded, delivery and transport business is now in a stopped state. Therefore, between Obihiro and Sapporo of about 200km in normal, a significant detour also is about 430km via Asahikawa is required, but an increase of overwork driving and vehicle expenses of the crew has been expected, the September 1, Doto Expressway is restored, measures as an alternative path of the general road that has been taken issue is resolved. Of course, food from critical Sapporo area to local people, household goods, also can avoid shortage of such reconstruction goods, it was really at ease. Of course, it helped larger in agricultural products transport towards the Honshu from Obihiro Tokachi.

The Expressway that transports the goods that people have lived is just the road of life. I realized again that it is a road running a car that protects life. NEXCO EAST who responded promptly to the restoration and free measures of the alternate road, thanked me so much that I can not express it in words.