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Third-party opinion

We received feedback on this report 2019.

  • Mr. Junichi Mizuo, Senior Researcher, Research Center for Business Ethics, Vice President of Japan Society for Business Ethics, Professor Emeritus, Surugadai University

    General Incorporated Foundation, Business Ethics Research Center
    Chief Researcher, Vice President of Japan Society for Business Ethics
    Professor Emeritus, Surugadai University (Doctor of Business Administration)
    Mr. Junichi Mizuo

  • Points that can be highly appreciated

    First, as part of our CSR activities through our business activities, the "Community to Connect, Connecting Bonds" initiative is disclosed through special articles.

    The company's CSR includes three pillars: "revitalizing local communities", "promoting traffic safety", and "environmental conservation". To realize them, Expressway Through the network, we are actively engaged in activities that are conscious of "bonding ties" with local communities, such as "connecting the community" to respond to disasters and support recovery. in addition, Expressway You can understand well about "sustainability" such as long-term maintenance, improvement and enhancement of network network, various innovations by introducing SMH, and preservation of the global environment.

    As a global trend, and in Japan, expectations are growing for the achievement of the SDGs through the realization of Society 5.0 by the Japan Economic Federation. You can fully understand that the Group's efforts to connect and connect with each other contribute to society.

    Secondly, based on the philosophy of "Mikata Yoshi", the figure of walking with society is well disclosed.

    The company's business activities Expressway Users, Expressway We are supported by customer satisfaction (CS: Customer Satisfaction) as a "buyer good", including business partners that support and develop the network together. In addition, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) has been linked to "good society" that is the satisfaction of the entire society, leading to the company's peace of mind and trust. In addition, the "E-Shokuba creation movement" that can realize "working" and "satisfaction" is also an excellent "work style reform practical model" and is a "seller good" that enhances employee satisfaction (ES: Employee Satisfaction) It leads to approach. If these activities are integrated, the initials can be expressed as "three-way good management by ECSR (ES + CS + CSR)", but the company's report fully discloses the activities. It can be expressed as an advanced approach.

    Expectations for future development: We expect to hold "<view, listen, and talk> meetings" between management and the workplace.

    Since all employees play a leading role in implementing ECSR, we believe that dialogue between management and employees is important. Many executives in the management group understand and convince the three-way management by ECSR by "seeing the site (viewing), listening to the voice of staff (listening), and talking to each other (speaking) " I think that it will foster a sense of unity in the organization. I sincerely pray that CSR-based innovation will be born and linked to sustainable development by institutionalizing and practicing "<view / listen / talk> meetings" between management and the workplace.

  • NEXCO EAST PR & CSR General Manager Yasuo Suzuki

    Public Relations & CSR Manager
    鈴木 康夫

  • "NEXCO EAST Thank you very much for your appreciation for Report 2019, along with valuable feedback. NEXCO EAST Group As a result, the various initiatives undertaken based on the CSR keyword "Connecting and Connecting to the Community" have created a synergistic virtuous cycle with society, customers, and other stakeholders, including employees. I realized that I was born again. We will encourage each and every person in charge of our group's business.

    In addition, we received an important viewpoint of "enhanced communication" for further development and enhancement of this cycle, and we will make use of it in future CSR activities.