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Challenging Ourselves and Making Rapid Progress to realize the Future Ideal State of NEXCO East
~ Group Long-Term Vision 2025 and Medium-Term Business Plan ~

Expressway Renewal project (Tohoku Expressway Fukushima Nishi IC-Fukushima JCT)

Expressway Renewal project (Tohoku Expressway Fukushima Nishi IC-Fukushima JCT)

SHIRIBESHI EXPRESSWAY Yoichi IC-Otaru JCT opening ceremony (December 2018)

SHIRIBESHI EXPRESSWAY Yoichi IC-Otaru JCT opening ceremony (December 2018)

Kan-Etsu Expressway Akagi Plateau SA (In-bound Line) Renewal Open (April 2018)

Kan-Etsu Expressway Akagi Plateau SA (In-bound Line) Renewal Open (April 2018)

Representative Director and Vice President Executive Officer Corporate Planning Headquarters General Manager Sogaki Gosui

Representative Director and Executive Vice President
Director of Corporate Strategy Division
Sakaki Seigou

NEXCO EAST Group Is a medium-term management plan (FY2017- 2020) ”was formulated in 2017, and the Group has been working together as a group based on five basic policies for fulfilling its social mission. As the mid-term management plan comes back, a part of the medium-term management plan has been revised in order to appropriately respond to new businesses that have been commercialized and changes in the business environment.

Aiming to grow as a corporate group that contributes to all stakeholders by creating the `` connecting '' value set forth in the Group Management Vision for the remaining two years of the medium-term management plan period NEXCO EAST Group Together we will promote the plan.

Group long-term vision 2025

In order to further enhance the corporate value of the group and continue to fulfill its mission, NEXCO EAST Group has summarized the figure that it wants to be in 2025, looking to 20 years after privatization, with "Group long-term vision 2025".

A company trusted by the people - Reliable

It is becoming a company that will serve as a sample of infrastructure operators pioneering initiatives for the realization of a sustainable society such as secure maintenance and management of aging Expressway with top priority on safety and security.

Companies required by customers - Required

We constantly pursue to provide maximum satisfaction with minimum cost and provide customers with new value incorporating information and communication technologies.

Companies that meet the expectations of local communities - Responsible

A strong relationship of trust with local communities has been established, Contribution to the local society utilizing Expressway network and assets, Continually doing various efforts leading to coexistence and prosperity with the local community.

Recognized companies from the international community ~ Recognized

In order to respond to the needs of the international community by utilizing high technology capabilities, we are building know-how in overseas trust and overseas project implementation.

Companies that employees feel rewarding - Rewarding

A corporate culture has been established that creates value to "connect" through business, which leads to the rewarding of employees.

(Formulated in May 2014)

Partial review of medium-term management plan (FY2017-FY2020)

As the medium-term management plan comes back in 2019, we partially revised the medium-term management plan.

The main revisions are as follows.

(1) Correspondence to addition of business

・ Ken-O Road(Kuki Shiraoka JCT-Daiei JCT) 4 lanes
・ Doto Expressway, Akita Road, Banetsu Road, Futtsukan Mountain Road additional lane business, etc.

(2) Promotion of further safety and security measures

・ Promote measures to prevent frontal collisions in face-to-face traffic sections
・ Promote reduction of accidents during traffic regulation

(3) Strengthening disaster prevention and mitigation measures associated with the occurrence of large-scale natural disasters in various places

・ Measures for securing road traffic during heavy snowfall
・ Strengthen monitoring system in the event of a tunnel fire

(4) Measures to respond to changes in the business environment, such as the establishment of laws concerning work reform and contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) advocated by the United Nations

・ Implementing work style reforms (reforming employee awareness, optimizing working hours management, etc.)
・ Contributing to SDGs achievement through business