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ETC that is becoming increasingly popular

ETCは、全国で普及が進んでいますが、東日本高速道路株式会社の管内においても確実な普及が進んでいます。 東京湾アクアラインでは利用率が約98%(令和2年3月実績)にも達しており、全国でも有数のETC利用実績を誇る道路となっています。

その他、首都圏の主要な料金所では、東北自動車道の浦和本線料金所で約96%、東関東自動車道の習志野本線料金所で約95%、 常磐自動車道の三郷本線料金所で約95%、関越自動車道の新座本線料金所で約94%と、いずれも90%を超える利用率となっています。

Tokyo Wan Aqua-Line Expressway About 98%, Tohoku Expressway About 95% at the Urawa Main Line toll booth Higashi-Kanto Expressway About 94% at Narashino Main Line toll booth, Joban Expressway of Misato About 94% at the main line toll booth, Kan-Etsu Expressway About 94% at the Niiza Main Line toll booth

With ETC, you can pass without stopping the car at the tollgate, making it less cashless, improving fuel economy, reducing traffic jams at toll booths, CO discharged from the car2We are expected to improve the environment by alleviating such as.

Improve safety according to popularization of ETC

Promotion of various safety measures

Speed ​​control reinforcement measure
Defend! Deceleration 20 km / s or less, ETC safety 5 rules

In order to prevent collision accidents etc in the ETC lane beforehand, we carried out measures to delay opening timing of the opening and closing bar, and also conducted public relations activities of "ETC safety 5 rules" for safe driving by ETC It is deploying.

Color paving & concavo-convex thin layer paving
Color paving & concavo-convex thin layer paving

ETC cars are encouraged to control the speed at the time of entering the ETC lane by road marking and vibrations due to irregularities.

ETC card not inserted Notice antenna

In order to prevent troubles due to forgetting to insert a card beforehand, we are introducing a system to notify customers that cards are not inserted beforehand through ETC on-board devices at toll booths and main lines.

ETC card not inserted Notice antenna
Safety aisle
Safety aisle

Safety passages are installed to prevent accidents such as contact with traffic vehicles when toll booths cross the ETC lane.

Measures against snow disorder of ETC sensor
Measures against snow disorder of ETC sensor

In order to prevent problems of communication troubles due to snow, we devised measures to prevent snow accumulation on the surface of the ETC sensor by means of a heater or the like.

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