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Refreshing Restrooms

~ Aiming for "comfortable toilet space" ~

We will proceed with maintenance so that you can use the restrooms of all service areas and parking areas more comfortably, conveniently and securely.

Maintenance content

1 To be clean and comfortable to use comfortably

It turns into a toilet that provides warmth and cleanliness to the skin
(1) Heating / washing toilet seat was maintained for all western style toilet bowl.
Maintain heating toilet seat for western style toilet
(2) Automatic faucet for hot water was maintained in all the toilets.
  • Maintenance of automatic faucet for hot water
  • There is a warm water compatible faucet on at least one place in the washroom
    There is a warm water compatible faucet on at least one place in the washroom

2 From children to seniors, so that more people can use it more

"It's convenient" We provide a small toilet with a smiling child's smile
(1) The urinal for children is also installed in the lavatory toilet.
Set up urinal for children
(2) We have installed a large booth equipped with baby seats and small hand washing equipment.
Install large booth equipped with baby seat and small hand washing machine

3 In order to remove various barriers and to use with confidence

We offer a comfortable toilet like relieving
(1) The steps of the floor in the toilet are eliminated.
  • Step on the toilet floor
    Step on the toilet floor
  • →
  • Eliminate steps on the floor in the toilet
(2) Multifunctional toilets (For people with disabilities etc) We are maintaining bed and infant toilet seat.
Maintenance of bed and infant toilet seat in multifunction toilet (disabled toilet)

Other initiatives

There is also a toilet with a meeting room where you can change clothes inside the toilet, corners with large and small toilets for children, and a waiting corner.

  • Children's corner (Tokyo Bay Aquarine PA 4th floor toilet)
    Children's corner
    (Toilet of Tokyo Bay Aquarine PA 4th floor)
  • Fitting Room (Kanegoshido Miyoshi PA Female Toilet)
    fitting room
    (Miyoshi Kanetsukuro PA inside female toilet)
Small toilet for children, fitting room, waiting corner
Waiting area
(Miyoshi Kanetsukuro PA inside female toilet)

Strengthen maintenance

1 Floor slip prevention measure

For slippery toilets with floor wet, slippage prevention measures are carried out by anti-slip materials and the like.

2 Strengthen cleaning

We clean up by professional contractors, clean pipes, and strive for further beautification in the toilet.

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