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TI network ( We are looking for technical proposals or collaborative research)

About "TI network", new technology proposals

NEXCO EAST So safe and comfortable Expressway Promoting cutting-edge technology development, such as providing new travel spaces, coexistence with the surrounding environment, new technologies and new You For this reason, we would like to actively utilize new technologies developed by our customers.

"TI network"Technical Interchange Network "is a window as a place for information exchange on new technologies between us and you. We are waiting for suggestions from everyone.

Specific theme

We will recruit technology for the following themes.

I: Fatigue crack control technology for steel floor slabs

  •  Ⅰ-【1】既設鋼床版デッキプレートとUリブ溶接部の疲労亀裂に対する補修工法【応募を締め切りました】
  •  Ⅰ-【2】鋼床版の疲労耐久性を向上させる補強工法【応募を締め切りました】

Proposal method

Suggestions are hereThank you. Please refrain from anonymous suggestions.

Application proposal of technical proposal, flow from offering new products / new technologies etc to local recruitment

After submitting a proposal between the proposer and the department in charge, the proposal submitted will undergo consideration within the company and decide to conduct joint research and development or trial to the site.

Regarding the results of the examination, we will inform you of the company that proposed.

NEXCO EAST Group (including group companies) may participate in joint research and development or trial to the site.

Regarding the proposal, please note that not all are subject to joint research, development and trial to the site.

Flow of provision of technical proposals, provision of new products, new technology, new construction method etc. to local hiring

Notes on the proposal

  1. Information about your proposal is NEXCO EAST Group It may be disclosed to related departments (including group companies), but it will not be used elsewhere.
  2. Costs related to technical proposals, such as preparation and submission of technical proposal documents, will be borne by the proposer.
  3. We will refuse to explain if we do not correspond to sales activities or technical proposals in the case of "bidding and contract procedures for individual order cases".


Please contact us from 10:00 to 16:00 on weekdays.

  • head office

    NEXCO EASTConstruction / Technology Division Technology & Environment DivisionTechnology Planning DivisionTI network staff (reception desk)

    Street address :
    3-3-2 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, TokyoShin Kasumigaseki Building〒 100-8979
  • Hokkaido officeEngineering DepartmentTechnology Planning DivisionTI network staff
    Phone 011-896-5211 (Representative)
  • Tohoku officeEngineering DepartmentTechnology Planning DivisionTI network staff
    Telephone 022-711-6411 (Representative)
  • Kanto officeEngineering DepartmentTechnology Planning DivisionTI network staff
    Telephone 048 - 631 - 0001 (Representative)
  • Niigata officeEngineering DepartmentTechnology Planning DivisionTI network staff
    Telephone 025-241-5111 (Representative)


As for the unclear point of TI network,HerePlease refer to the.

Collaborative research and development so far and application to the field

About the technology that you proposed through the TI network, NEXCO EAST We are working on joint research and development with companies and on-site application, making use of the technology know-how we have accumulated so far.

【Collaborative research · development, local application case】

Examples of conducting joint research and development through technical open recruitment

Examples of joint research and development conducted from proposals of new products / new technologies

Examples adopted from the proposal of new products / new technologies through local trials