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Collaborative research and development so far and application to the field

About the technology that you proposed through the TI network, NEXCO EAST We are working on joint research and development with companies and on-site application, making use of the technology know-how we have accumulated so far.

Examples of conducting joint research and development through technical open recruitment

  • Light shielding panel (louver)
    Light shielding panel (louver)

    We jointly developed a light shielding panel (louver) made of film and glass excellent in lighting, durability and cost, with Taiyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. and Nippon Sheet Glass Environmental Amenity Co., respectively.

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  • Biomass gas power generation
    Biomass gas power generation

    鉄建建設株式会社及び株式会社オストランドとの共同研究・開発を行った「バイオマスガス発電」について、 NEXCO東日本では、東北自動車道 那須高原サービスエリア(SA)にプラントを整備し、SAへ電力を供給 することを実用化しました。

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  • Simple misinformation prevention device [sensor type · hump type]
    Simple misinformation prevention device [sensor type · hump type]

    Cooperatively developed with Hokuyo Electric Co., Ltd. and Taiseiro Tec Corporation, respectively, a low-cost, effective reverse running prevention system utilizing the past technology "geographical radar" and a physical reverse running prevention device by hump (road surface convex portion) Did. We introduced in Tohoku Regional Head Office and part of Joban Expressway .

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Examples of joint research and development conducted from proposals of new products / new technologies

  • Soundproof structure of bridge telescopic device
    Soundproof structure of bridge telescopic device

    We jointly developed a soundproof structure to suppress the noise generated from the lower part of the bridge extension / expansion device.

    【Heisei 22nd Civil Engineering Society Environment Award Winner】

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Examples adopted from the proposal of new products / new technologies through local trials

  • Technology on lightweight embankment
    Technology on lightweight embankment

    Regarding the lightweight embankment technology (Yazaki Corporation) using recycled lightweight aggregate using waste glass, we confirmed the performance by test construction and adopted it locally.

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