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During the four seasons photo contest in Hokkaido! Follow & retweet campaign

During the four seasons photo contest in Hokkaido! Follow & retweet campaign

2019 April 1

Current,"The 10th Hokkaido Four Seasons Photo ContestExternal link: Another window displayHolding "!

In order to let more people know the photo contest, NEXCO EAST Hokkaido Regional Head Office official Twitter account, we will conduct a follow & retweet campaign.

We will give prizes to 10 people by lottery with follow and target post retweet!

If you participate in the campaign, "RegulationsPlease be sure to read.
Application for "the 10th Hokkaido Four Seasons Photo Contest"HereExternal link: Another window displayFrom.

During the four seasons photo contest in Hokkaido! Follow & retweet campaign

1 Campaign period

2019 April 1 (Mon)-April 7 (Sun) 24:00

2 How to participate

  • step 1
    NEXCO EAST Hokkaido Regional Head Office Office Official Account (@e_nexco_kita) Follow
    Official account is here →@ e_nexco_kitaExternal link: Another window display
  • Step 2
    Retweeted for this promotion post

3 prizes

  • [1] "Manity" key ring
  • [2] "Manity" mini towel

※ As for the delivery time of prize, we plan around August after announcement as a result of "the tenth Hokkaido four seasons photo contest".

4 winners

10 people
※ top of strict lottery, 2019 have to contact us in the direct mail to your winning bidder of the Twitter account in late April, let me instead of the announcement.

5 Attention before application (participation rule)

  • Quoted tweets are excluded.
  • Application is one by one.
  • If the Twitter account is approved or not disclosed, it will be excluded from the screening.
  • Personal information of the winners will be used only for the purpose of sending prizes. The basic policy on personal information prescribed by NEXCO EAST,NEXCO EAST Corporate SitePlease confirm.
  • In the following cases, the right of winning may be invalid.
    • 【1】 When the description of the winner is false or incomplete
    • 【2】 If the account participating in the campaign does not exist
    • [3] When applying for multiple accounts
    • [4] If the account that participated in the campaign is set to non-disclosure
    • [5] When applying using an unauthorized account (fictitious account, another person's impersonation account, multiple accounts by the same person, etc.) against Twitter's terms of use
    • [6] If the right to win this campaign is transferred, resold, or redeemed to another person
    • [7] Other cases where fraudulent activity is confirmed regarding participation in this campaign
  • With retweet, "RegulationsI agree with that.
  • Applicants shall bear the cost of applying for the application.
  • In case of damage to the user or third party in connection with the participation of this campaign, the organizer will not be held responsible. In addition, we will not bear any responsibility for posting to submit to this campaign, even if there is a problem with the equipment used and there is damage.
  • The terms of participation may be changed without notice. If this Terms of Participation is changed, the content after the change will be applied immediately.
  • NEXCO EAST If you decide that you can not avoid it, this campaign may be partially changed or canceled.
  • Please note that we can not answer inquiries about results.
  • This campaign has nothing to do with Twitter and Twitter.
  • After strict examination, we will contact you to the winner by direct mail.
  • With direct mail, we will ask the winner's name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
  • Dispatch of winning prizes is limited to Japan domestic.
  • Contact: NEXCO EAST Customer Center 0570-024-024 (Navi dial) or 03-5338-7524