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[E4] Tohoku Expressway Hanyu PA ( Out-bound ) and Hasuda SA ( Out-bound )
Notification of limited parking lot usage (night)

E4Tohoku Expressway Hanyu PA ( Out-bound ) and Hasuda SA ( Out-bound )
Notification of limited parking lot usage (night)

2019 April 8
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Kasumi Management Office

NEXCO EAST Kazo management office (Kasu-shi, Saitama), in order to have you use break facility more safely and comfortably,E4Tohoku Expressway (hereinafter referred to as “ Tohoku Expressway ”) Hanyu Parking Area (hereinafter referred to as “PA”) Out-bound Line and Hasuda Service Area (hereinafter referred to as “SA”) Out-bound , we will repair pavements of parking lot.

During the construction period, the customer will be very bothered by the limited use of the parking lot etc., but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

1 Usage restriction point and date and time

(1) Usage restriction point: Hanyu PA on Tohoku Expressway ( Out-bound ), Hasuda SA ( Out-bound ) Parking area

"Detail issee Attachment【PDF: 166KB】Link to PDF」  ※ You can use the washroom and the commercial facility as usual.

Usage restrictions

※ attached to each lineE4The indication of the number etc. shows numbering (numbering) of Expressway etc.

(2) Date and time

Implementation date: April 15 (Mon) to 18 (Thu), May 13 (Mon) to 15 (Wed) 20:00 each day to 6:00
Reserve date: April 19 (Fri) to 23 (Tuesday), May 16 (Thu) to 20 (Mon) 20 o'clock to 6 o'clock each day

Date and time

※ We do not carry out construction and regulation about Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays.
※ When construction is not possible due to stormy weather, etc., construction will be postponed.
※ We do not perform same day regulation of Hanyu PA and Hasuda SA.

2 Outline of construction

We will repair the pavement of the parking lot at Hanyu PA ( Out-bound line) and Hasuda SA ( Out-bound line) on Tohoku Expressway . In addition, with constructionWe divide parking lot area, and night use restriction every rangeto hold. (Detail issee Attachment【PDF: 166KB】Link to PDF

It is necessary work to use safe and comfortable Expressway so please understand and cooperate.

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    Complete image

3 Available facilities under construction

The following facilities can be used though part of the parking lot etc will be restricted according to construction.

  • Bathroom
  • Commercial facility

Congestion is expected when parking, so please use the nearby Tohoku Expressway Sano SA or the Ken-o Expressway PA together.

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