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[E38]Doto Expressway Tokachiheigen SA (for Out-bound line / Obihiro JCT)
Announcement of limited use of part of parking space

E38Doto Expressway Tokachiheigen SA (Out-bound, Obihiro JCT)
Announcement of limited use of part of parking space

We perform barrier-free construction of ... parking lot ...

We perform barrier-free construction of ... parking lot ...

2019 April 24
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Hokkaido Regional Head Office Obihiro Management Office

NEXCO EAST Obihiro Management Office (Hato-gun Otosha Town)E38Doto Expressway(Doto Expressway)Tokachiheigen With service area (SA) (Out-bound line, towards Obihiro junction (JCT)), along with parking barrier-free and pavement repair work From May 7 (Tuesday) to the end of July, some parking spaces will be restricted.

We are sorry for the inconvenience inconvenience to our customers, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

[Contents of usage restrictions during construction period]
May 7 (Tuesday)-Late July
Partially closed parking spaces, moving parking spaces for disabled people, etc.
Motorcycle parking lot movement
June 17 (Mon)-July 12 (Fri)
Use suspension of EV quick charging station (planned)

1 construction period

May 7 (Tuesday)-All day in late July (including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays)
※ When construction is not possible due to stormy weather etc, construction period will be extended.
This may extend the period of limited use of the parking space.

2 Construction site

Doto Expressway Tokachiheigen SA (Out-bound line, towards Obihiro JCT)

3 Construction Contents

We will conduct barrier-free parking and pavement repair work sequentially while dividing the scope of work.

In order to secure the aisle of the customer, both the sidewalk and the parking lot will enclose the work area with restricted material, so the number of vehicles that can be parked may be reduced by about 80%.

  • Current situation
    Current situation
  • →↓
  • After construction completion (image)
    After construction completion (image)

Available facility during 4 construction period

Part of the parking space is restricted due to construction, but the following facilities are available.

  • Bathroom
  • Temporary store
  • vending machine

5 EV Quick Charge Station Pause Information

We are planning to shut down the EV Quick Charging Station from June 17 (Mon) to July 12 (Fri).

Since the stop date may be changed by the progress of the construction, the latest stop informationCharge Spot Cancel InformationExternal link: Another window displayPlease refer to “Japan Charge Network Co., Ltd.”.

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