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2019 About commendation such as degree excellence construction

2019 About commendation such as degree excellence construction

2019 June 13
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Kanto office

NEXCO EAST Kanto Regional Head Office(Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture), among the construction work completed in 2020 and the research completed, etc., about the construction work and the work such as the investigation whose results are particularly excellent. Regional Head Office We held the award ceremony including the excellent construction equivalent to the long award as follows (See Attachment 1【PDF: 44KB】Link to PDF). Outstanding constructions equivalent to the office manager commendation ceremony will be held at each office at a later date.See Attachment 2【PDF: 92KB】Link to PDF)。

These awards are intended to contribute to the further improvement of quality and technology by honoring their achievements.

1 date and time

2019 June 11 (Tuesday) 10:30-12:00

2 places

NEXCO EAST Kanto branch meeting room 15th Floor
(Omiya JP Building, 1-11-20 Sakuragicho Omiya ku Saitama City)

3 awards outline

Excellent construction 11 construction
Safety management excellent construction 5 construction
Quality control excellent construction 2 construction
Process control excellence construction 4 construction
Excellent work 2 work

Awards ceremony
Awards ceremony
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