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[E5A] Notice of traffic closure on the Sasson Expressway

E5ANews of Sasson Expressway closure

2020 February 6

E5ASasson Expressway(Sataru Road) will be closed due to the Hokkaido Police reviewing the accident.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

1. Closed section, date and time

E5ASataru Road Zenikan IC-Otaru JCT (In-bound Otaru / Yoichi)

Scheduled for February 13 (Thursday) 15:2020: 00 (1 hour)

  • Depending on the progress of accident investigation, the end time will be around.

2. Detour

Please use Route 147, Route 5 and Route 1.


3. About transit adjustments due to traffic closure

The closures Expressway temporarily flow out, in general again the same direction within detour to 6 hours the road Expressway a for travels, the Expressway complete the "transfer adjustment" so that charge does not become more expensive.

Progressing direction Outflow designation IC
In-bound Line For Otaru / Yoichi Sataru Road Zenikan IC

1. Customers using ETC

Please use the same ETC card and use the ETC radio run both before and after the transfer. The charge indicator and ETC use inquiry service, etc., display the charge before adjustment, but when billed by a card company, etc., the charge will be the adjusted charge.

2. Customers using cash / credit card

Please apply for a “transit certificate” when paying the fare at the toll gate that once flows out. After the transfer, please give the transit certificate together with your passport to the attendant at the toll booth where the first fee will be paid.

4. Contact

Thing about traffic accident investigation, road closure

Hokkaido Police Headquarters Expressway Traffic Police Corps Phone 011-892-961

5. Information on traffic information

(1) Internet

(2) SNS

  • Twitter's official account " NEXCO EAST (Hokkaido)" (@ e_nexco_kitaExternal link: Another window display), The latest traffic information is transmitted.

(3) Telephone

  • "NEXCO EAST Customer Center"

    We will respond to various inquiries on the Expressway 24 hours 365 days.

    Telephone Number

    0570-024-024 or 03-5338-7524

  • "Highway Telephone": Provides real-time traffic information (updated for 5 minutes) 24 hours a day.
    Telephone Number

    0166-54-1620 (Asahikawa)
    011-896-1620 (Sapporo)
    0143-59-1620 (Muroran)
    0155-42-1620 (Obihiro)

    When you call "# 8162" with a mobile phone, the latest Expressway conditions in the nearest area from that location will be provided by automatic voice anywhere in the country.

  • Japan Road Traffic Information Center
    We provide the latest traffic information.
    Telephone Number


(4) Road traffic information available during driving

  • Road information board
  • Highway radio (1620 kHz)