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Summary of fiscal year 2019 financial statements

Summary of fiscal year 2019 financial statements

2019 June 10
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.

NEXCO EAST(The Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) the 14th fiscal year of 2018 2019 We will inform you of the summary of financial results for the March period.

From this fiscal year, April 1, 2018 2019 It is one year until March 31st.

[Points of FY2010 financial statements (consolidated)]
  1. About fee income, Gaikan Expressway Misato Traffic volume increased 2.2% over the previous year to 2.95 million vehicles / day due to the opening of the South IC to Takatani JCT, etc.
  2. Including fee income Expressway For the entire operating income, Gaikan Expressway Misato With the completion amount of road assets increased to ¥ 898.5 billion (up ¥ 869.2 billion from the previous year) due to the opening of the South IC – Takatani JCT, etc.
    Expressway Business operating income was ¥ 1.0 billion (up ¥ 3.8 billion year on year), mainly due to a decrease in snow and ice measures.
  3. Total operating income was ¥ 4.4 billion (up ¥ 4.5 billion year on year).
    Net income attributable to owners of the parent was ¥ 4.1 billion. In the previous fiscal year, it was 20.8 billion yen, as extraordinary income was posted in conjunction with the return of the welfare pension fund.
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