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【E4】 Tohoku Expressway Hasuda Service Area (In-bound Line)
2019 Opened at 13:00 on July 29

E4Tohoku Expressway Hasuda Service Area (In-bound Line)
2019 Opened at 13:00 on July 29

To NEXCO EAST Birth of the largest service area

To NEXCO EAST Birth of the largest service area

Pasar (Pasar) Hasuda

2019 June 26
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Nex-area Company Limited.

NEXCO EAST(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) is 2019 July 29 (Mon.) at 13:00 NEXCO EAST Hasuda Service Area (hereafter "SA")In-bound Open the line (Hasuda City, Saitama Prefecture).

This SA is in Saitama PrefectureE4Tohoku Expressway Iwajima interchange (hereinafter referred to as "IC")-Kuki IC will be moved approximately 2.5 km from the current position to Tokyo.

New Hasuda SA (In-bound The line will greatly expand the size of the commercial facilities by about three times the parking mass and approximately twice the size of the commercial facilities compared to the current SA. Commercial facilities are "Pasar (Pasar) Hasuda" (In-bound Opening as a line).

Pasar is our flagship commercial facility that offers a wide variety of services to our customers, with a variety of hot spots and gourmets that can only be tasted on the spot. "Pasar Hasuda" (In-bound The line is the seventh "Pasar".

"Pasar Hasuda" (In-bound Line)Expressway With a wide lineup, including stores that will debut and the fresh food zone “Shunpo Market”, which consists of SA, PA's first fruits, meat and fresh fish, Expressway Whether you are visiting the area or visiting a nearby area, you can enjoy eating and shopping.

During the construction period, we apologize to the neighbors, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Complete image
  • Complete image
  • Complete image

"Pasar Hasuda" store

Restaurant, food court, cafe, bakery, shopping, perishables, convenience store, etc. to meet a wide range of customer needs Expressway 22 stores including the first store opening 11 stores and gas station will open.

Customers will be welcomed with a wide lineup, including menus incorporating local materials, sales of local specialty products, sales of the fresh food zone "Shunpo Market", clothing, sale of canvas bags and sundries.

In addition, approximately 90 customer parking lots will be built on the general road side to make it easy for customers from nearby areas to use.

For the features of Pasar Hasuda and details of each store,Attached sheet [1][PDF: 554KB]Link to PDFPlease refer to the.

Disaster prevention equipment and functions

In the event of a large-scale wide-area disaster such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Earthquake, we are strengthening our disaster prevention function to support activities as a front-line base for emergency response agencies. For details,Attachment [2]【PDF: 282KB】Link to PDFPlease refer to the.

Parking Lot

In consideration of the ease of use and safety of our customers, we will set up signs at the junctions of parking lots etc. in real time to inform the customers of the usage of parking spaces in real time.

Information sign for large car parking lot
Information sign for large car parking lot

※ Current construction status


In order to prevent customers from getting lost, a display board will be installed at the entrance to show the usage of the two toilets. Furthermore, in the hall section of the women's toilet, the usage status of the toilet is displayed in real time.

  • Display board of the toilet entrance
    Display board of the toilet entrance
  • Display board of women's toilet hall
    Display board of women's toilet hall

Equipment outline

  • We will increase the number of large car parking spaces by about 4 times and the number of small car parking spaces by about 2.5 times.
  • The scale of the commercial facility will be approximately doubled.
  New facility Current facility
location Kawashima, Hasuda City, Saitama Prefecture Kuroda, Hasuda City, Saitama Prefecture
Parking Lot 127 large vehicles (20 buses priority)
352 small cars
5 trailers
7 disabled mass boxes (6 small and 1 large)
31 large vehicles (0 bus priority)
139 small cars
0 trailers
Three disabled people (three small cars)
toilet <Large car parking lot side toilet>
Male: 16 small and 13 large
Women: 46
<Small car parking lot side toilet>
Male: 16 small and 12 large
Women: 53
Male: 16 small and 6 large
Female: 27
Site area Approximately 13,800 m2 Approximately 3,800 m2
建築面積 Approximately 3,580 m2 (including annex) Approximately 1,540 m2
Building overview Steel-frame building Reinforced concrete 2 stories
Food court seating Approximately 330 seats Approximately 150 seats
Baby care room 3 changing diapers
Dressing table 2
2 nursing rooms
One sink
1 milker
2 changing diapers
Nursing room 1 room
One sink
1 milker
Other We maintain approximately 90 parking lots available from general road side
Site area Approximately 1,700 m2 Approximately 1,050 m2
Other 24 hours full service 24 hours full service
For electric vehicles only
Fast charging equipment
※ We will suspend the use at the following date and time to carry out the relocation work of the rapid charging equipment to the new facility.
【Pause date and time】
2019 July 16 (Tuesday) 10 o'clock ...
2019 Until July 29 (Mon.) 13:00
Disaster prevention base function <Main facilities>
Joint disaster measures room (food court utilization)
In-house power generation facility
Emergency opening
Heliport etc
(Detail isAttachment [2]【PDF: 282KB】Link to PDFreference)
Closing date of current facility 2019 It will be closed at night on July 29 (Mon).
(Progressive in the case of rainy weather)
※ The refueling facility will be closed after the following date and time.
【Refueling facility closing date】
2019 July 29 (Mon) 13:00

Hasuda SA Position Map

Hasuda SA Position Map
  • 1 With regard to Hasuda Smart IC, we are conducting a preparatory survey for setting up and closing entrances (fulling up) of upper and lower lines.
  • 2 Hasuda SA (Out-bound Line) and the current Hasuda smart IC will not be relocated.
  • 3 In conjunction with the closing of the current facility, we will carry out the removal of the current facility information sign on the main line. As information sign of current facility remains on main line from new facility opening to removal construction completion, please be careful on the occasion of the use.
What's "Pasar"

It is a combination of "PA" in "parking area", "SA" in "service area", and "R" in relaxation, and it also means "market" in Indonesian. As a new form of SA and PA, I would like to propose to customers that "a place to stop and rest in the middle of a trip" and "a place to enjoy themselves in the middle of a trip" to customers.

  • [Pasar opened so far]
    • March 20, 2008 Keiyo Road Pasar Makuhari ( Out-bound line)
    • July 30, 2008 Keiyo Road Pasar Makuhari ( In-bound line)
    • November 18, 2009 Tohoku Expressway Pasar Hanyu ( Out-bound line)
    • December 1, 2010 Kan-Etsu Expressway Pasar Miyoshi ( In-bound line)
    • March 19, 2014 Everyday Sakai Joban Expressway Pasar Moriya ( In-bound line)
    • July, 2015 1 Daily Sakai Joban Expressway Pasar Moriya ( Out-bound line)
  • Pasar logo
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