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Congestion forecast of Obon period 【 NEXCO EAST Edition]

Congestion forecast of Obon period 【 NEXCO EAST Edition]

The peak of congestion is Out-bound The lines are August 10, 11, In-bound The lines are August 14th and 15th.
Thank you for your cooperation in reducing traffic congestion by distributed use

The peak of congestion is Out-bound The lines are August 10, 11, In-bound The lines are August 14th and 15th.
Thank you for your cooperation in reducing traffic congestion by distributed use

2019 July 10
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.

NEXCO EAST(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has a period of 2019 August 8 (Thu)-August 18 (Sun): 11 days Expressway We have announced the traffic congestion forecast and measures in

Please adjust your departure time based on the traffic congestion forecast, and help create a comfortable travel plan that avoids the peak of traffic congestion. In addition, please check the latest traffic information before departure, as the actual traffic situation may be different from the forecast due to an accident or the influence of the weather.

1 Request for congestion prediction and distributed usage

Time zone and peak day when traffic congestion occurs
  • Out-bound line:in the morningOccurs around theAugust 10 (Sat), 11 (Sun)Is the peak date.
  • In-bound :eveningOccurs around theAugust 14 (Wed), 15 (Thu)Is the peak date.
    日 Relatively few days and hours of traffic congestionPlease consider using it at.
NEXCO EAST Prediction of the longest traffic jam in the province 【Traffic forecast over 30 kmAttachment 1[PDF: 218KB]Link to PDF
  • Out-bound Line: August 11 (Sun)E17 Kan-Etsu Expressway Near Higashi Matsuyama Interchange (IC) (Higashi Matsuyama City, Saitama Prefecture)Approximately 40 km
  • In-bound Line: Wednesday, August 14E4 Tohoku Expressway Upper Kawauchi Service Area (SA) (Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture)About 45km
  • Congested forecast number of times (more than 10 km traffic congestion) Out-bound line
  • Congested forecast number of times (more than 10 km traffic congestion) In-bound line
Comparison of congestion times with Obon festival of the previous year
Traffic Size FY2019
8/8 (Thu)-8/18 (Sun)
August 9 (Thu) to August 19 (Sun)
Estimated times Total congestion count Number of congestion due to traffic concentration (※)
10 km or more 159 times 162 times 137 times

※ The number of traffic jams due to traffic concentration is the number of traffic jams excluding the effects of accidents etc.

2 Congestion measures

Based on the current traffic congestion forecast and the current traffic congestion season (end of the year, Obon, Golden Week, etc.), we will implement the following activities during the period when especially heavy congestion is predicted. [Attachment 2] 【PDF: 347KB】Link to PDF

  • Initiatives at Main Line Department
    ・ In-bound Low speed alert on slopes etc
    · Reminder of the rear end of traffic congestion
  • Approach in rest facilities
    · Arrangement of Parking Assignee
    · Secure parking of large cars
    ・臨時トイレの設置 など

3 Information provision

Expressway We will guide you through the web and booklets such as traffic conditions, traffic congestion predictions, points to avoid traffic congestion. Please use it when making prior planning and checking the latest traffic conditions.

  • Expressway The information is full of "Drive Plaza (DraPla)Attachment 3] [PDF: 857KB]Link to PDF

    NEXCO EAST Provided by DraPla In the Expressway In addition to real-time traffic conditions and traffic congestion forecast information, Expressway We provide a search service for travel times taking into account fares and congestion forecasts. You can browse from a PC, smartphone or tablet device.

  • Traffic jam forecast guide, traffic jam forecast & outing guide

    NEXCO EAST We distribute traffic congestion forecast guide which listed traffic congestion prediction of the jurisdiction, Chubu Japan area (Chubu district) in service area, parking area (SA, PA). Also, each Regional Head Office The traffic congestion forecaster explains the points of traffic congestion forecasting and traffic congestion avoidance in the "Congestion Forecast & Outing Guide".
    Traffic congestion forecast & outing guideExternal link: Another window display

  • Congestion Forecast Guide
  • Congestion Foreman

4 ETC Holiday Discount Application Date

The ETC holiday discount (local area) is applied on August 10 (Saturday), 11 (Sun), 12 (Mon), 17 (Sat), 18 (Sun) for the Obon period.

5 Request for alleviation of traffic congestion

The customer's little intention will lead to the alleviation of traffic congestion. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • 【1】In-bound attention to the rate of decrease in the slope
    In-bound If you are alerting you to a slow speed, such as a slope, please help speed recovery!
  • 【2】Do not overdo the distance between vehicles
    Ensure adequate inter-vehicle distance so as not to stepping on extra brakes while driving!
  • 【3】Let's not change lanes
    Excessive lane changes in heavy traffic will cause further deterioration of traffic!

6 Topics

"Tokyo Wan Aqua-Line Expressway We introduce topics that lead to traffic congestion avoidance and reduction, such as traffic congestion countermeasures in “Comparison of travel times by route selection” and “Example of long traffic congestion avoidance”. [Attachment 4] 【PDF: 1.6MB】Link to PDF

7 Request for Safe Driving to Customers

Expressway Before use, please make sure that all drivers and passengers can travel safely before departure. Expressway Tips on using "] [Attachment 5] [PDF: 243KB]Link to PDFPlease confirm.

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