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Obon period of Expressway Traffic congestion forecast in Japan [National version]

Obon period of Expressway Traffic congestion forecast in Japan [National version]

2019 July 10
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Central Japan Expressway Corporation
West Japan Expressway Corporation
Honshu-Shikoku Expressway Co., Ltd.
Japan Highway Traffic Information Center

NEXCO EAST/NEXCO CENTRAL/NEXCO WEST/ JB Honshu Expressway / (public interest) Japan Road Traffic Information Center,Obon period [2019 11 days from August 8th (Thursday) to August 18th (Sun)We compiled traffic congestion prediction due to concentration of traffic on Expressway .

1 Request for decentralized use by congestion forecast and use date / time change

  • After checking the content of traffic jam prediction,Change the date and time of useWe get it,Avoiding traffic jamsplease.

    Out-bound On the line, August 10 (Sat)-12 (Mon),Especially August 10 (Sat), 11 (Sun)Traffic congestion will occur.
     ⇒ August 13 (Tuesday)-14 (Wednesday)Please consider using!

    In-bound Line from August 14 (Wed) to August 15 (Thu),August 14 (Wed), 15 (Thu)Traffic congestion will occur.
     ⇒ August 16 (Fri)-17 (Saturday)Please consider using!

<< number of traffic congestion predictions more than 10km >> A total of 520 times of upper and lower lines (8/8-8/18)
  • Out-bound line
  • In-bound line
各 社 Especially long traffic congestion forecast for each company》

IC: Interchange, JCT: Junction, SA: Service Area, TN: Tunnel

Company type Vertical line Road name Traffic jam peak date and time Peak congestion length Congestion occurrence place
東日本 Out-bound line E17関越自動車道 August 11 (Sun) 8:00 40km Higashimatsuyama (Higashi Matsuyama) IC nearby
In-bound line E4東北自動車道 Around 14 o'clock on August 14 (Wed) 45km Kamikawachi (Kamikawachi) Near SA
Central Japan Out-bound line E20ChuoExpressway August 10 (Sat) 5 o'clock 40km Near Sagamihoko IC
E1Tomei Expressway August 10 (Sat) 6 o'clock 40km Ogino Nakai (Hadanonakai) near IC
In-bound line E1Tomei Expressway August 17th (Sat) 17:00 35km Yamato (Yamato) Near TN
West Japan · Four Out-bound line E3Kyushu Expressway August 10 (Sat) 10:00 30km Near Chikushino (Chikushino) IC
In-bound line E1Meishin Expressway August 10 (Sat) 9:00 40km Near Kusatsu (Katsutsu) JCT
  • Details of the above table are 【Attachment 1] 【PDF: 131KB】Link to PDFPlease confirm. For information on how to avoid these traffic jams,Attachment 2] [PDF: 984KB]Link to PDFPlease confirm.
Provide road traffic information and congestion prediction information
  • Even before departure or while traveling,Confirm and utilize the latest road traffic informationPlease give me.
  • Latest road traffic situationBecause traffic jams may occur due to accidents or weather events, and it will change every moment,Please help us before your departure and during your trip.
  • Traffic congestion forecastAs you can see where traffic jams occurred, length of congestion for each time zone, time of peak traffic jam,Please help in planning your travel dates and times.
  • Road traffic information and traffic jam prediction information can be used from the following sites.
  • Congestion prediction guide (booklet of traffic jam prediction information)We are distributing it at break facilities and so on.
    ※ Congestion forecast information is posted on August 8 (Thursday) to August 18 (Sun) in the congestion forecast guide.
New approach to providing traffic congestion forecast information
  • The latest technology is incorporated for more convenient and familiar traffic congestion prediction.
New approach to providing traffic congestion forecast information

2 Request for relieving congestion

Customer'sA little attention leads to alleviation of traffic congestion.Thank you for your cooperation.

In-bound speed decrease caution in slope, etc.
  • 【1】In-bound attention to the rate of decrease in the slope
    In-bound in a place that is alerting the slowdown, such as slope, your attention to the speed decrease!
  • 【2】Do not overdo the distance between vehicles
    Ensure adequate inter-vehicle distance so as not to stepping on extra brakes while driving!
  • 【3】Let's not change lanes
    Lane change more than necessary during traffic jam causes further deterioration of traffic jam!

3 Request for safe driving

Concern at the end of a traffic jam
Accidents frequently occur during the traffic congestion period. When using Expressway"Wear seat belts on all seats""Frequent and early break"Please keep in mind that please keep in mind.
Also, on the Expressway we are guiding you to call back attention to the end of traffic congestion, so please pay attention to the front, please move.

4 Schedule of congestion countermeasure at break place etc.

In the period when especially heavy congestion is predicted, based on the conditions of traffic congestion forecast and past traffic congestion period (GW, Obon, New Year holidays, etc.)Placement of parking lot rearranging staffTemporary restroom settingSecure large car parkingWe are planning to implement congestion countermeasures.

(Reference) Comparison with last year's results
Traffic Size 【1】 2019 Prediction # 2 [2] 2018 results ※ 3 Difference (【1】 - 【2】)
total going down going up total going down going up total going down going up
Number of traffic jams over 10 km * 1 520 times 231 times 289 times 498 times 224 times 274 times +22 times + 7 times +15 times
Number of congestion times over 30 km 33 times 12 times 21 times 43 times 25 times 18 times 10 10 times 13 13 times +3 times
  • The number of traffic jams of 10 km or more includes the number of traffic jams of 30 km or more.
  • 2 2019 The prediction is 2019 We count 11 days of from August 8 (Thursday) to August 18 (Sun)
  • 3 The results for 2018 count on 11 days from August 9 (Thursday) to August 19 (Sun), 2018 (including traffic jams due to the effects of accidents etc).

Regarding traffic congestion forecasts by region, please refer to the publication materials of each Expressway company.

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