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【E4】 Tohoku Expressway"Pasar Hasuda (In-bound line)"
Opening event held!

E4Tohoku Expressway"Pasar Hasuda (In-bound line)"
Opening event held!

~ We will welcome Erina Arai as a guest ~

~ We will welcome Erina Arai as a guest ~

Pasar (Pasar) Hasuda

2019 July 17
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Nex-area Company Limited.

NEXCO EAST(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) isE4Tohoku Expressway Hasuda Service Area (hereinafter "SA")In-bound To commemorate the opening of the line (Husuda, Saitama), 2019 Opening event will be held on July 29 (Mon).

オープニング当日のセレモニーでは、Pasar蓮田近隣の蓮田市立黒浜中学校吹奏楽部による演奏を披露 していただくほか、NEXCO東日本のCMに出演中の新井恵理那さんや蓮田市のマスコットキャラクター「はすぴぃ」などが登場し、セレモニーを盛り上げます。

In addition, to commemorate the opening, we will present novelty presents and shopping drawings to the first 100 customers.

【Pasar Hasuda (In-bound Line) Opening event summary]

  • Date and time:
    2019 July 29 (Mon) 12:30 ...
  • place:
    Tohoku Expressway Hasuda SA (In-bound Line) [Hasuda City, Saitama Prefecture]
  • Contents:
  • [1] Performance by Hasuda City Kurohama Junior High School brass band club
  • [2] Opening ceremony
  • [3] Erina Arai talk show
  • [4] Yosakoi performance by laugh lotus hasuda (Eren Hasuda)
  • [5] Pasar Hasuda Opening Commemoration Novelty present [100 first arrivals]
  • [6] Shopping lottery held [customer of shopping more than 1,000 yen]
Arina Erina
Arina Erina

For more information about the event,Attachment【PDF: 60KB】Link to PDFplease look at. (Please note that the contents of the event may be changed or canceled due to the circumstances of the day.)

Note that Expressway It is very dangerous to wait for an open on the main line, so please never stop.

In Pasar Hasuda, events such as Hasta city mascot character "Hassupi" character greeting (from 14:00 to 16:00 both days) will be held from August 3 (Sat) to 4 (Sun). Expressway We look forward to your visit, including customers using the service and customers from nearby areas. Please come and visit us.

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