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2019 degree NEXCO EAST new menu contest "" road Osh "Gourmet Grand Prix" held!

2019 degree NEXCO EAST new menu contest "" road Osh "Gourmet Grand Prix" held!

-Grand Prix is decided from the representative menu of the area that won the block tournament! ~

2020 January 22,
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Nex-area Company Limited.

2020 With regard to had been scheduled for March 13 (Friday), "" road Osh "Gourmet Grand Prix Finals", the new coronavirus infection are currently occurring Large view of the circumstances of, and be aborts I will let you know.

We ask for your understanding.

The menus are sold at each SA and PA until Sunday May 31, 2020 so be sure to appreciate them when using the Expressway.

NEXCO EAST(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) will be on March 13 (Fri)“Michi Oshi” menu using local ingredients-delicious trip with Imako Coco riceDeveloped under the theme of "Michi Oshi", which is unique to the store, taking advantage of local features and characteristics"Michioshi" Gourmet Grand Prix Final CompetitionIt will be held.

This contest is held as part of the “Hanazukuri” of the service area / parking area (hereinafter “SA / PA”), an initiative to develop unique services according to the location characteristics.

In the finals, 10 regional stores that won the block tournament for each region from the 42 stores that participated in the event only brought out the appeal of local ingredients with a menu only for Coco“Michioshi Gourmet Grand Prix”Aim for

* For the details of the final entry menuAttachment 1【PDF: 195 KB】Link to PDFPlease refer to the.

"Michioshi" Gourmet Grand Prix

About the Final Competition

Date and time 2020 March 13 (Fri) 10: 35-16: 00
place School corporation Food Institute Tokyo Nutrition Foods College (Setagaya ku, Ikejiri, Tokyo)
judging committee Kenichi Chen, Azuki Moeno, Ryoko Kawase total 6 people
Participating store 10 stores that have won block competitions in each region
  • In the finals, general customers cannot enter.

“Michioshi” Gourmet Grand Prix Flow

On March 13 (Fri)Final matchThen,
42 stores at the top (Grand Prix) Will be decided.

For details on the contest, seeDraPlaExternal link: Another window displayPlease see the special site in.

“Michioshi” Gourmet Grand Prix Flow

judging committee

Judge chairperson Mr. Chen Jian Sichuan Hotel Group owner chef
Special Jury Members Susumu Tsuge School corporation Food Institute Tokyo cookery confectionery vocational school principal
judging committee Moe Azuki talent, NEXCO EAST SA · PA Gourmet Ambassador
judging committee Ryoko Kawase talent
judging committee Wakako Kawai 株式会社KADOKAWA ビジネス・生活文化局 ブランドメディア部 ウォーカーカスタム編集課 課長 兼 編集長
judging committee Kazuo Murayama Nex-area Company Limited President and Chief Executive Officer
Chairperson Jury Chairman of the Jury
Chairperson Jury Chairman of the Jury
Mr. Azuki's moe
Mr. Azuki's moe
Ryoko Kawase
Ryoko Kawase

[Implementation status of last year]

  • Result announcement · Commemorative photography
    Result announcement · Commemorative photography
  • Cooking situation
    Cooking situation
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