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Hokkaido 2019 Anniversary Commemoration! Hokkaido Smartphone Stamp Rally starts from April 25

Hokkaido 2019 Anniversary Commemoration! Hokkaido Smartphone Stamp Rally starts from April 25

The past 285 most stamp-acquired spots! We give luxurious prize to a total of 326 people ...

2019 April 18
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Hokkaido office

NEXCO EAST Hokkaido Regional Head Office(Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo-shi), with the gratitude for the celebration of Heisei and the Heisei that will change the 2019 on May 1st It will start from the 25th (Thu).

The “Hokkaido smartphone stamp rally” is a project that has been carried out five times in the past, and if you visit the target SA / PA, tourist facilities, Michi-no-eki, etc. Special products from Hokkaido will be drawn by lottery.

This time, 43 spots increased from the last time, so as to be a trigger to visit more places,The largest number of 285 stamp acquisition spots in the pasthave become. Also,New collaboration with Scenic Byway HokkaidoThe scenic spot selected from the Scenic Byway route is also added to the spot.

AndAlso cooperates with the Hokkaido Center City Tourism Cooperation Council (Tok Travel Hokkaido 2019 year campaign)And when you get a specific stamp, you can now use the coupons of that tourist facility.

With the Hokkaido smartphone stamp rally as a starting point, please enjoy the drive to attractive places in various places in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido smartphone stamp rally
Luxury prize picture

Luxurious prizes such as "three big sets and two sets"
Hit 326 people by lottery!

1 period

Thursday, April 25, 2019-Tuesday, November 5
※ We start pre-registration acceptance from Thursday, April 18

2 stamp acquisition spot(Details:Attachment 1【PDF: 2.5MB】)

There are 285 places in total including SA, PA in the way, sightseeing facilities, roadside station

3 How to participate

QR code of special page
  • [1] Read the two-dimensional bar code on the right, and register from a special site (mandatory)
  • [2] Go around stamp acquisition spot, get stamp on your smartphone
  • [3] It is possible to apply for prizes from My Page when it meets each application condition
    Details / RegistrationNEXCO EAST information site "DraPla" dedicated page
QR code of special page

4 prizes(Details:Attachment 2[PDF: 985KB]]

  • In 14 application courses according to the acquisition number and kind of stamp, we give a total of 326 people luxurious prizes by lottery.
  • As for the prizes, in addition to Hokkaido's special products, we have prepared attractive items sponsored by participating facilities.
  • As a complete conquest award, those who received all 285 stamps will receive a commemorative gift and a certificate.

5 Collaboration with Scenic Byway Hokkaido

We selected one of the 13 designated routes and 2 candidate routes for Scenic Byway Hokkaido, each with a wonderful location for the scenery as a stamp acquisition spot. (Detail:Attachment 3[PDF: 400KB])

6 Cooperation with toku trip Hokkaido 2019 campaign

The following collaborations will be conducted at the facilities that are common spots in Hokkaido smartphone stamp rally and Hokkaido travel 2019 campaign.

  • When you get a specific stamp of Hokkaido smartphone stamp rally, you will be guided to the website of Hokkaido travel Hokkaido. If you register, you will be able to use the coupon of Hokkaido travel Hokkaido on the spot.
  • You can use the coupon of Hokkaido travel Hokkaido to guide you to the website of Hokkaido smartphone stamp rally.

7 Enjoy and Save More on Hokkaido Tourism Festival!

Hokkaido Tourism Free Pass

We are selling Dora-wari "Hokkaido Kankore Furisu", where Hokkaido's Expressway can get on and off at a fixed rate. (ETC vehicles only)

When participating in the "Hokkaido smartphone stamp rally", please use "Hokkaido Kankore ぱ ぱ ス タ ン プ 寄 り" to collect many stamps while stopping at tourist spots in various places.

We also offer prize courses that can be applied only to those using "Hokkaido Kankome Furisu".

※ About "Hokkaido sightseeing fares""DraPla" sales pageExternal link: Another window display
Scenic by way Hokkaido
Scenic Byway is a word that combines the adjective Scenic with the Scene, and the Byway meaning Byway. It is an initiative that aims to create a beautiful landscape, create a vibrant community, and create an attractive tourist space, with the region and the government working in tandem with Michi. On each route, we develop distinctive activities for each area, such as flowering and cleaning of roads, maintenance of excellent spots in area recommendations and information transmission.
Currently, there are 13 designated routes and 2 candidate routes, and about 400 organizations are active. NEXCO EAST Hokkaido Regional Head Office also participates in this initiative. For more information,Scenic by way Hokkaido websiteExternal link: Another window display
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