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Notice of introduction of charge settlement machine

Notice of introduction of charge settlement machine

2019 May 31
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Hokkaido office

NEXCO EAST Hokkaido Regional Head Office(Abobetsu ward, Sapporo City) is from June to October this year.E5Do-O Expressway(Doo Do) At 6 toll booths in Hokkaido including the National Sewing Interchange (IC), we will introduce a new fare adjustment machine.

1 Introduction place of fee accounting machine (total 6 locations)

IC name Time of introduction
DO-O EXPRESSWAY National stitch IC June 14
DO-O EXPRESSWAY Toyoura IC Mid August
DO-O EXPRESSWAY Oshamanba IC Late September
DO-O EXPRESSWAY Kuromatsunai JCT Late October
DOTO EXPWY Shimukappu IC Late July

※ The introduction time may be changed by the progress of construction.

Introduction place of toll checkout machine

2 Purpose of introducing fee adjustment machine

The charge settlement machine automates what the clerk has corresponded to store the toll fee from the customer, and the customer operates the machine and pays the toll fee.

In order to build an efficient toll collection system in the future, we are developing a toll adjusting machine.

3 How to use fee adjustment machine

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