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Awarded works from 1,023 points in total
Announced results of "Hokkaido's Four Seasons Photo Contest"

Awarded works from 1,023 points in total
Announced results of "Hokkaido's Four Seasons Photo Contest"

The award-winning works will have an exhibition at Chi Ka Ho on summer vacation

The award-winning works will have an exhibition at Chi Ka Ho on summer vacation

2019 July 18
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Hokkaido office

  • Expressway Scenery category best award
    [Expressway Scenery category best award]
  • Hokkaido's Four Seasons Category Grand Prix Awards
    【Hokkaido season best award】

NEXCO EAST Hokkaido Regional Head Office(Atsubetsu-ku, Sapporo-shi) performed examination of "the 10th Hokkaido four seasons photo contest" which had been recruited from February to May of this year, and selected a total of 13 points in addition to the two highest award.

This contest started in 2008 (2008), and we received a record high number of 1,023 points application this time.

The award-winning works will be exhibited at the Sapporo Ekimae underground plaza Chi Ka Ho during summer vacation. The entries will be posted on SAs and PAs in various locations in Hokkaido and will be posted on the company's PR media.

By all means Expressway Visit the shooting site and experience the four seasons of Hokkaido.

1 Winner

The above picture is two points of the highest award. Other award winning worksAttachment【PDF: 282KB】Link to PDFIt is as follows.

  • Recruitment period
    2019 (2019) February 1 to 2019 2019) May 12 【About 3.5 months】
  • Recruitment department
    【2】 "Four seasons in Hokkaido" department
  • judge
    Prof. Ryusuke Ito, Department of Art, Sports and Culture, Hokkaido University of Education
  • Our HP"DraPla"Dedicated pageExternal link: Another window displayBut also posted.

2 Outline of the exhibition

An exhibition of award-winning works will be held along with the summer vacation.

  • Date and time
    August 8th (Thu) to 12th (Mon) 10:00 am to 7 pm each day
  • place
    Sapporo Station Underground Underground Chi-Ka Ho North 1 Article Event Space (East)
Exhibition image

Commentary by Judge Professor Ito

Prof. Ryusuke Ito

The "Hokkaido Four Seasons Photo Contest" has also reached its 10th anniversary.

This time we received 1,023 entries, the largest number ever. It can be said that the work level was also the best in the past. A major feature of this contest is the widespread use of processing technologies such as RAW processing and image processing software, which resulted in a number of works that dramatically emphasized the color and light of the work. Among them, it was the feeling of the examination that "work with expressive power", so-called "strong work", was "finding power", such as not to miss the author's observation eyes and shutter chances. The surprises and pleasures of the work that discovered the feeling and beauty of the four seasons from the everyday landscape reflected in a striking expression.

"Expressway The three awards in the “Scenery of the Scenery” category were lyrical works that differed in the season, but in the evening light. "Expressway It was a seemingly difficult theme section, but there were a lot of entries that showed the possibility of expression more and more. I would like to ask many people who apply for strong works in the “Hokkaido Four Seasons” section to challenge, and I think that section is worthwhile.

Next time, with the motif of Hokkaido's nature and people's lives, I expect works with a new perspective on seasons and travel.


Ryusuke Ito (Ryusuke Ito). Born in Sapporo in 1963. Picture writer. In the field of art film and video art, he makes presentations at film festivals and museums in Japan and abroad. Currently at Hokkaido University of Education, he is involved in the education of video and media art including photographs. There are also many comic reviews in the name of "Kuramurai Kenji". Professor at Hokkaido University of Education College of Art and Sports Culture, Video Laboratory. Graduated from the University of Chicago Attached University Graduate School.

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