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【E38】 Doto Expressway Shimukappu IC - Tomamu IC (both directions)
Notice of emergency nighttime closure

E38Doto Expressway Shimukappu IC - Tomamu IC (both directions)
Notice of emergency nighttime closure

For the latest regulatory information,DraTraExternal link: Another window displayPlease see

2019 July 23
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Hokkaido office

NEXCO EAST Hokkaido Regional Head Office (Sapporo City Atsubetsu Ward) will carry out emergency nighttime closure to repair bridges at [E38] Doto Expressway ( Doto Expressway ) Shimukappu interchange (IC) ~ Tomamu IC (both directions).

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Deformation generating part

1 closed place and period

E38 Doto Expressway Shimukappu IC-Tomamu IC (both directions) July 23 (Tuesday) 1 night 22:00-6 am

  • Due to the progress of the repair work, we will release the closing after completion of the repair even before 6 am the next morning.
  • It had planned Doto Expressway The construction of Tokachi Shimizu IC-Oshidori Kobu IC (both directions) will stop the traffic closing and will be postponed.
    After the change will be closedHerePlease refer to the.

2 Detour

Please use the road No. 136.


3 Information under construction

Construction regulation information is provided through the following various media.

(1) Internet
(2) SNS
  • Twitter's official account 'NEXCO EAST(Hokkaido)@ e_nexco_kitaExternal link: Another window displayIn ", we are sending the latest traffic information.
(3) Telephone
  • "NEXCO EAST Customer Center"
    24 hours a day, 365 days a year Expressway We answer various inquiries about
    Phone number 0570-024-024
    (Or 03-5338-7524)
  • "Highway Telephone": Real-time traffic information (updated every 5 minutes) is offered 24 hours.
    • Telephone Number
    • 011-896-1620(札幌)  
      0166-54-1620 (Asahikawa)
      0155-42-1620 (Obihiro)

    (Note) Please be careful not to make any mistake.

    When you call on "# 8162" with a mobile phone, we will provide the latest Expressway status of the nearest area from that place automatically by voice.

  • "Japan Road Traffic Information Center": The latest traffic information is provided.
(4) Road traffic information available during driving
  • Road information board
  • Highway radio (1620 kHz)