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[E5A]Shiribeshi Expressway(Yoichi IC-Otaru JCT)
About traffic situation etc. six months after opening

E5AShiribeshi Expressway(Yoichi IC-Otaru JCT)
About traffic situation etc. six months after opening

2019 Aug. 1
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Hokkaido office

After opening on December 8, 2018 (Heisei 2020) (Shiribeshi) motorway (SHIRIBESHI EXPRESSWAY 6 months after the opening of Yoichi (Yochichi) interchange (IC)-Otaru (Otaru) junction (JCT) (December 9 2019 (2018)2019) We will inform you about traffic conditions on June 8).

The use situation of six months after 1 opening(reference:Attachment 1【PDF: 753KB】Link to PDF

  • The traffic volume of six months after opening SHIRIBESHI EXPRESSWAY Approximately 3,900 vehicles / day between Yoichi IC-Otaru Shioya IC
  • At Golden Week, it averages about 7,600 vehicles / day. At peak time about 10,500 vehicles / day (May 4)
  • Traffic volume between Yoichi-Otaru (SHIRIBESHI EXPRESSWAY And the total of National Highway No. 5), SHIRIBESHI EXPRESSWAY About 10% more than before the opening of service ・ In Golden Week, it increases about 20%
  • The traffic volume of the national road from Yoichi IC to the surrounding tourist area is also increasing

2 Tourism status of Golden Week(reference:Attachment 2【PDF: 1.4MB】Link to PDF

  • Growth of traffic volume above average on all roads during the holiday season (Golden Week)
  • At tourist facilities along and around the opening section, Expressway Excursions are promoted, and in many

(3) Voices of people along the Shiribeshi Expressway(reference:Attachment 3【PDF: 745KB】Link to PDF

  • We received voices of joy such as "travel time has become shorter" and "tourism has increased."

reference:別紙4「後志の夏を遊びつくせ!~後志道(余市IC~小樽JCT間)の開通で夏の各種 イベントへのアクセスがより気軽に!~」【PDF: 282KB】Link to PDF

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