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16th year Tokachi birth event About 3,000 production results on all roads Birdhouse classroom held

16th year Tokachi birth event About 3,000 pieces produced on all roads
Holding a bird house classroom

~ Wednesday, February 19 We will create a birdhouse to be installed on the Expressway with Ikeda elementary school students ~

2020 February 12,
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Hokkaido office
Obihiro Management Office

NEXCO EAST Obihiro Management Office (Otosara-cho, Kato-gun) will create a bird house to be installed at the Expressway SA / PA at Ikeda Elementary School on February 19 (Wednesday).

It is possible to interview on the day. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • I will color it as I want

    I will color it as I want

  • Children handmade birdhouses one by one

    Children handmade birdhouses one by one

  • Scheduled to be installed in SA and PA from next spring

    From next spring on SA / PA
    Scheduled installation

1 Date and time

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 10:30 am to 1:50 pm

2 places

Ikeda Elementary School (Ikeda-cho, Sanjo)

3 Participants

Ikeda Elementary School Children 23

4 Lecturer

Non profit organization feathered friend (Obihiro City)

5 Contents

  • The children will assemble the kit, color and decorate the birds as they like, and create their own birdhouses one by one. Lecturers and our employees will give advice on how to make them.

6 Purpose of Bird House Classroom

  • This initiative began in 2005Beginning in Tokachi districtSpread all the wayThis year16th yearIs a social contribution activity that provides elementary school students along the Expressway with the opportunity to enjoy nature.
  • So far on all roadsAbout 3,000 birdhouses producedIt has been.
  • Even after the birdhouse was set up, elementary school students were interested in whether their birdhouses were used for wild birds, etc.It was an opportunity for families to visit SA / PA when traveling and to experience the nature with the family again, And I hope that they will get familiar with the Expressway.
Birdhouse classroom purpose
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