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[E18] Kamishin'etsu way Yokogawa SA (Out-bound line)
YOKOKAWA Highway Garden
Ikebana demonstration by Mr. Shogo Kariyazaki
We will hold a live talk show

E18Joshin-Etsu Expressway Yokogawa SA ( going down line)
YOKOKAWA Highway Garden
We hold Ikebana demonstration, live talk show by Shogo Kariyazaki

Promotion of "Flowers and Green Peace Highway Garden Project"

Promotion of "Flowers and Green Peace Highway Garden Project"

Flower and green peace highway garden
2019 May, 6
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Saku management office

NEXCO EAST Saku Management Office (Saku City, Nagano Prefecture)E18Joshin Etsu Joshin-Etsu Expressway(Jo Shin Etsu Michi) At Yokogawa Service Area (SA)Out-bound line at YOKOKAWA Highway Garden, inviting the flower chef Shogo Kariyazaki, along with the customers, growing the highway garden growing day by day We will keep you informed about the event we want you to enjoy last year.

  • Highway garden pictures
  • Highway garden pictures

Highway garden pictures

With "flower and green peace highway garden project", we plan to convert to rest spaces that are easy to use such as rest facilities garden grounds, and maintain "highway garden" aiming at creation of regional sense and cooperation with area, This is a project we are promoting to provide our customers with a space for further relaxation and healing.

YOKOKAWA Highway Garden is a Western-style garden with English garden style, with the concept of "prologue to Karuizawa and Shinshu". You can see beautiful flowers from spring to autumn.

Event overview

[1] Date held

2019 June 16 (Sun) 10:00-11:30 (Slight rain will go)

[2] Venue

Joshin-Etsu Expressway Yokokawa SA (Down Line) English Garden Area

Yokogawa SA location map
Event Venue Map

[3] Event contents

It will be an event to enjoy with 30 guests who applied in advance such as Ikebana demonstration of Mr. Shogo Kariyazaki and live talk show.

In addition, we will also hold a commemorative photo session at the SNS shine spot that has been established in the special corner in the highway garden.

Mr. Shogo Kariyazaki

Mr. Shogo Kariyazaki

Flower house.
The principal of Kariyazaki Flower Professional Education School.
It is described by Mr. Akihiro Miwa as "the person with the hand who pulls out beauty" and designs and produces kimono, jewelry, a scarf, glassware, and also shows the talent as a designer. Held a solo exhibition "Don't challenge historic buildings", which is a collaboration between flowers and buildings that are also life works. We actively work on volunteer activities, etc. for regional activation support, and actively engage in social activities, etc. that promote regional activation, such as "floral education" where friendship with flowers and green is expected, and emotional education is expected, and problems of declining birth rates. It is.

HP:http://www.kariyazaki.jp External link: Another window display

[4] For customers wishing to participate in the event

  • Please apply to Saku administration office by phone. (First-come-first-served basis 30 people)
    Tel. 0267-68-8861 (平日9時~17時  総務担当 あくら、やまもと)
  • Yokogawa SA (on the day of the event)Out-bound Please arrive by car to the line). In addition, please note that the transportation expenses incurred for the arrival will be borne by the customer.
  • Meeting time will be 9:30 am.
  • We will give a souvenir to everyone participating in the event.
  • If cancellations occur for customers participating in the event, they will also be accepted on the day.
    (Please contact the event reception desk by 9:30 am)
  • In addition, customers other than the first 30 arrivals will be able to view from the outside of the highway garden event space.

Notice to customers regarding this matter

Our corporate websiteAnd Twitter official account 'NEXCO EAST(Kanto)"(@e_nexco_kantoExternal link: Another window display) We do it.

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