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NEXCO EAST signs partnership with Minamiboso 4 cities and 1 town

NEXCO EAST signs partnership with Minamiboso 4 cities and 1 town

-Promotion of tourism promotion related to recovery from typhoon and heavy rain damage-

2020 January 15,
Tateyama, Futtsu, Kamogawa, Minamiboso, Kyonan
(Accommodation and stay type tourism promotion council)
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Kanto office

Tateyama City, Futtsu City, Kamogawa City, Minamiboso City, Kyonan Town (Council for Accommodation and Stay-type Tourism Promotion) and NEXCO EAST Kanto Regional Head Office(Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, hereafter “ NEXCO EAST ”) have been 2020 On January 21 (Tue), we will conclude the Minami Boso Tourism Reconstruction Partnership.

NEXCO EAST is for 2019 Typhoon No. 15, No. 19 and the revival of tourism in Chiba Prefecture, which was severely damaged by heavy rain on October 25. So far, we have been working on the launch of Dorawari "Minami Boso Tourism Support Free Pass".

This time, NEXCO EAST has signed a partnership with four cities and one town in the Minami-Boso area, which have been particularly severely damaged, and through the holding of events, etc., both sides will work closely together to widely disseminate the attractiveness of the tourism resources of the region. By doing so, we will promote tourism revival and regional revitalization.

1 Overview of the partnership

(1) Name

Minamiboso Tourism Reconstruction Partnership

(2) Purpose

Reconstruction of tourism in the Minamiboso area, which was severely damaged by the disaster

2 Partnership signing ceremony

(1) Date and time

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 11: 30-12: 00

(2) Place

Tateyama City Hall Mayor's Office

(3) Attendees

館山市長 金丸 謙一(宿泊・滞在型観光推進協議会 会長)

NEXCO東日本関東支社 副支社長兼観光推進役 光永 宏典

≪We held a ceremony≫

≪We held a ceremony≫

3 Overview of sightseeing events

(1) Date and time

Saturday, February 22, 2nd 2020 8:00-14:00

(2) Place

Keiyo Road Makuhari Parking Area Pasar Makuhari (Out-bound Line)

(3) Contents

  • Tourism PR by local governments
  • Stage show (Greeting by local characters, lottery with Minami Boso souvenirs)
  • Project to receive disaster prevention goods (first 500 people)
  • Fair corner where children can enjoy
  • Traffic safety awareness and business PR by NEXCO EAST
  • Event contents are subject to change. Please note.
  • Tourism PR (image)
    Tourism PR (image)
  • Stage show (image)
    Stage show (image)

(4) Local governments scheduled to participate

Tateyama, Futtsu, Kamogawa, Minamiboso, Kyonan

(5) Local characters planned to appear

Cheever (Chiba Prefecture), Dappe (Tateyama City), Futtsu (Futtsu City), Mikaeri-chan (Kyonan Town), Manati (NEXCO EAST)

4 Efforts to date

  • [Boso drive campaign]

    [Boso drive campaign]
    NEXCO EAST is also cooperating with the Boso Drive Campaign conducted by the Minami Boso Tourism Promotion Council.
  • [Wide area of public relations]

    [Wide area of public relations]
    Chiba sightseeing poster is posted on SA / PA digital signage. We will continue to develop tourist booklets.
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