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[E17] Kan-Etsu Expressway- [C4] Ken-O Road Notice of Tsurugashima JCT night lamp closure

E17Kan-Etsu Expressway ・C4Ken-O Road Notice of Tsurugashima JCT night lamp closure

April 5 (Sun), 6 (Mon) From 21:00 each day to 6:00 the following morning
~ Replacement of sign board ~

April 5 (Sun), 6 (Mon) From 21:00 each day to 6:00 the following morning
~ Replacement of sign board ~

For the latest regulatory information,DraTraExternal link: Another window displayPlease see

2020 March 23
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Tokorozawa management office

NEXCO EAST In Tokorozawa Management Office (Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture)E17Kan-Etsu Expressway (hereinafter referred to as " Kan-Etsu Expressway as")C4At Ken-o Expressway (hereafter, "Ken-O Road"), we will close the night to replace the signage at the Tsurugashima JCT lamp.

Although we inconvenience you very much, we ask for your understanding and cooperation so that you have time to relocate when you go out.

1 Closed location and date and time

(1) Closed point

[1] Ken-O Road from inward turning (Kuki Shiraoka direction), Kan-Etsu Expressway lamp flowing into the (Tokyo-Niigata district)

[2] Kan-Etsu Expressway In-bound from the line (Niigata direction), Ken-O Road lamp flowing into the (Hachioji-Kuki Shiraoka direction)

Closed placeClosed place
  • Attached to each lineE17The indication of the number etc. shows numbering (numbering) of Expressway etc.

(2) Date and time

Date of implementation:

[1] 2020 Sunday, April 5 from 21:00 p.m. to 6:00 the following morning

[2] 2020 April 6 (Mon) From 21:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Preparation day:

2020 April 7 (Tue)-12 (Sun) Each day from 21:00 to 6:00 the following morning

Date and time
  • In stormy weather, it will be extended on a reserve day.
  • Judgment of construction will be made on Twitter etc. at 16:00 on the day.
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2 Detour

In detouring,【Exhibit 1】【PDF: 481KB】Link to PDFPlease refer to.

The required time will be longer due to detours, so please go out in time.

3 Connection adjustments due to ramp closure

Expressway once exits due to the closing of the ramp, bypasses the closed section, re-enters the area, and if you are connecting in the forward direction, adjust the toll fee according to the section you use. Will be implemented. (【Exhibit 2】[PDF: 486KB]Link to PDFreference)

  • Transfer specification IC
Lamp closed place Outflow designation IC Re-inflow designation IC
Central area of ​​the area (inner turning)
⇒ Kan-Etsu Expressway (In-bound: Tokyo area)
【Area Hall】
Kawashima IC, Sakado IC
[ Kan-Etsu Expressway ]
Kawagoe IC, Tokorozawa IC
Central area of ​​the area (inner turning)
⇒Kanetsu Kan-Etsu Expressway (Out-bound: Niigata area)
【Area Hall】
Kawashima IC, Sakado IC
[ Kan-Etsu Expressway ]
Tsurugashima IC, Sakado Nishi Smart IC※1
Higashimatsuyama IC, Arashiyama Ogawa IC
Kan-Etsu Expressway (In-bound Line)
⇒Ken-Ken-O Road (Outside: Kuki-Shiraoka)
[ Kan-Etsu Expressway ]
Tsurugashima IC, Sakado Nishi Smart IC※1
Higashimatsuyama IC
【Area Hall】
Sakado IC, Kawashima IC, Okegawa Kitamoto IC
Kan-Etsu Expressway (In-bound Line)
⇒Ken-Ken-O Road (Inward: Hachioji area)
[ Kan-Etsu Expressway ]
Tsurugashima IC, Sakado Nishi Smart IC※1
Higashimatsuyama IC
【Area Hall】
Central Tsurugashima IC, Sayama Hidaka IC
Iruma IC
  • 1 Smart interchange (ETC vehicles only)

◆ How to use transit adjustment

《ETC customers》
  • Customers using ETC must wirelessly drive outflow designated ICs and wirelessly drive reinflow designated ICs as well. ("Transit certificate" is not issued for ETC vehicles)
  • We will apply ETC time zone discounts, assuming that traveling is a single trip. Please note that the toll fee may be different from the toll display at the tollgate because it will be adjusted at the time of billing.
  • Insert the same ETC card for all journeys and pass through the ETC lane at the tollgate.
<< Customers such as cash >>
  • Customers paying in cash, etc., receive a "transit certificate" at the designated IC at the outflow, get a "passing ticket" at the IC designated at the reinflow, and "transit at the tollgate where you pay first" Please hand "certificate" and "passport ticket".

4 Construction Overview

Kan-Etsu Expressway ・ Ken-O Road At Tsurugashima JCT, we will carry out sign board replacement work in order to number the sign boards. When performing construction work, it is necessary to perform work with the lamps closed because construction is not possible under normal lane regulations. Therefore, to minimize the inconvenience to our customers, we will close lamps at night when traffic is low, and implement construction intensively and efficiently.

It is necessary work to use safe and comfortable Expressway so please understand and cooperate.

Construction summary

5 How to obtain traffic information

(1) Distribution · Information by bulletin
  • Notice boards, posters and leaflets will be posted at nearby toll booths and rest facilities.
  • Post a banner on a bridge over a Expressway .
  • On the day the ramp is closed, a detour sign will be installed at the main intersection of the detour.
(2) Road traffic information available before going out
  • NEXCO EAST Customer Center (corresponding to 24 hour operator)
    Navi Dail: +81-570-024-024
    Or TEL: 03-5338-7524 (2020 TEL than April: 03-5308-2424)
  • NEXCO EAST Road Information Site " DraTra "
    【PC】External link: Another window display
    【Mobile】 http://m.drivetraffic.jp/
  • NEXCO EAST website "Construction regulation information"
    From the tag "For Expressway users"Construction regulation informationExternal link: Another window displayPlease select to see.
  • Road traffic information of Japan Road Traffic Information Center (JARTIC)
    Common dial nationwide 050-3369-6666
    (Mobile abbreviated dial # 8011)
    * We will connect to the nearest information center from anywhere in the country.
    Nationwide · Kanto-Koshinetsu Information 050-3369-6600
    Saitama Information 050-3369-6611
    【PC】External link: Another window display
  • Highway telephone (24 hours latest information updated every 5 minutes)
    Oizumi Bureau 03-3922-1620
    Tokorozawa Bureau 04-2946-1620
    (Mobile Phone · PHS Speed ​​Dial # 8162)
(3) Road Traffic Information Available While Using Expressway
  • Road information board
  • Highway radio (AM 1620 kHz)
    The section broadcasting the highway radio is indicated by a sign on the Expressway .
  • Highway Information Terminal
    We will let you know the road information in an easy-to-understand manner from the monitor screen etc. installed in SA / PA.
  • VICS
    Vehicle compatible car navigation systems and other onboard machines will get road traffic information.
* Twitter's official account "NEXCO EAST (Kanto)" (@e_nexco_kantoExternal link: Another window display) Also distributes information.
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