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【E18】 Opened a four-lane construction PR corner on Kamishinetsu Myoko Myoko SA ( In-bound line)

E18Opened a four-lane turnaround PR corner at Kamishinetsu Myoko SA ( In-bound line)

~ "My dream, my dream" Spreading · Connecting Joshinetsu Highway Miraikan "Open June 28 (Wed) ~

June 23, 2017
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Niigata Regional Head Office Shin-Etsu construction office

NEXCO EAST Shin-Etsu construction office (Joetsu city) utilizes the tourist information exhibition room on the 2nd floor of Myoko Service Area (SA) upstream line from June 28 (Wed), and is in the Joshinetsu way We will open a PR corner of 4-lane construction work "My dream · my dream" Expanding · connecting Joshinetsu Highway Miraikan "」.

In this PR corner, in order to let many customers know about what kind of things are done in the construction of Joshinetsu way 4 lanes, we are using panels for construction explanation and materials / machines etc. used at the construction site In addition to exhibiting it, we introduce the award-winning works of "Jyunkensen Paintings Exhibition" which has been implemented since FY 2012 as part of regional activities.

1 opening period

June 28 (Wed), 2017 - December 27 (Wed), 2017
※ From the spring of Heisei 30, some exhibits will be renewed and renewal open planned

2 opening time

9: 00 ~ 17: 00 (7 days a week)
From 14:00 to 17:00 on the opening day
※ Customers using the Joshinetsu In-bound Line (for Nagano) can stop by

3 Exhibit contents

  1. Construction explanation panel, exhibition of construction situation photo
  2. Exhibits of materials and machines used at construction sites
    * You can actually feel the texture of materials etc. by touching.
  3. PR image of Expressway project and screening of recorded image of construction site
  4. Introduction of prize-winning works of "Jyunkensen Painting Exhibition"
  • Example of material / machine used at construction site
    Example of material / machine used at construction site
  • An example of a prize winning work exhibition "Jyunkensen Painting Exhibition"
    An example of a prize winning work exhibition "Jyunkensen Painting Exhibition"
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