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Ban Koshido Fudosuke 20th anniversary! Produced " Expressway song" by Negicco

Ban Koshido Fudosuke 20th anniversary! Produced " Expressway song" by Negicco

~ FM Niigata program "For you, Neggie · way." Corner to recruit Expressway episodes ~

June 30, 2017
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Niigata office

NEXCO EAST Niigata Branch (Niigata City Chuo Ward), together with FM Radio Niigata (Niigata City Chuo Ward), commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Iwasaki Expressway, a new corner in the radio program "Negi style" , Neggie Way. "We will produce" Highway Song Song (Song Title To Be Determined) "by Negicco, Ambassador of Ban Koshido.

We are planning to recruit a " Expressway episode" widely from radio listeners, customers using Expressway , etc. and reflect some of the episodes that were submitted in lyrics.

The episode you entered may be the lyrics of Negicco's song " Expressway Song". Please apply for memories related to your Expressway by all means.

1 " Expressway Episode" recruitment period

June 30 (Fri), 2017 - August 19 (Sat)
Once the announcement date is decided, we will inform you again in "Negi style".

2 " Expressway episode" example

  • Memories of family trips using Expressway
  • I can not forget the taste of O O I ate in the service area
  • There is no problem with any content as long as it is memories or episodes related to Expressway such as feeling that you come back to Niigata when you see the scenery spreading the rice field around the Expressway .

3 " Expressway Episode" How to apply

    • FM Niigata websiteExternal link: Another window displayIf you click on "Negi Way." Banner from you, you can apply from the application form that will be launched.
    • Please check the FM Niigata website for detailed application procedures and so on.
  • "You, Negi · way." Banner
    "You, Negi · way." Banner
Negicco profile

A Niigata resident idol unit formed in 2003. Members are Nao ☆, Megu, Kaede.
Currently serve as "Enlightenment for Nigata Tourism."
Orikon Weekly TOP 10 and said "Spur of light" "Nice Bardier" "Contradiction has started." In 2016, we will hold a tour “Negicco Second Tour“ The Music Band of Negicco ”supported by Sato Foods” in a live band style with “NEGiBAND”, and will make Nakano Sun Plaza in the tour final successful. The third album "Tee Four Three" was released on May 24, and one man live at NHK Hall, which was a long-awaited request, was succeeded on July 30.
From April this year I became "ambassador to support Ban Koshidori" as a PR character of Baidu Kaido all over 20 years.

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