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Smartphone dedicated site "Niigata Drive"
Service start from Monday, July 3

Smartphone dedicated site "Niigata Drive"
Service start from Monday, July 3

~ Introducing a drive course with unique world view by writer full of individuality ~

July 3, 2017
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Niigata office

NEXCO EAST Niigata branch (Niigata-shi Chuo-ku) cooperated with the news line Co., Ltd. (Chuo Ward, Niigata City) that publishes the monthly magazine Niigata Komachi, in order to excite the drive trips in Niigata and neighboring prefectures, a smartphone exclusive siteNiigata DriveExternal link: Another window displayThe service will start on Monday, July 3rd.

1 Service overview

"Niigata Drive" lives mainly in Niigata PrefectureIntroduction of Drive Course by Independent Line of Lighters with IndividualityI doSmartphone dedicated websiteExternal link: Another window display

Two unique lighter team (one example)

◆ Yang
Born on June 26, 1970, Niigata-born Niigata-born.
It is a middle-aged man who can not become an adult.
Local personality active in Niigata such as radio personality, reporter, narrator etc.
FM Niigata "NEXCO EAST presents Drive as it is Yang" main personality.
月刊新潟WEEK!編集長  片山貴宏
◆月刊新潟WEEK!編集長 片山貴宏
Born in Itoigawa City in 1978.
Editor-in-chief of the men's information magazine in Niigata Prefecture, published on the 18th of every month.
Familiar with the gourmet in the prefecture, in particular in ramen has knowledge abundant enough to be called "ramen the great man of Niigata".
FM Niigata Personality Satoshi Nakamura
◆ FM Niigata Personality Nishimura Satoshi
Born around the world heritage site Himeji Castle, he has been in Niigata for 21 years. We glide on the Seto Inland Sea at the age of 16 (small class 1 class). Acquired a diving license in Sado. He likes vegetable sommeliers, is interested in Japanese culture through travel, and gets a dressing master. Disaster prevention person.
Echigo Joetsu Uesugi hospitality battalion corps
◆ Echigo Joetsu Uesugi Hospitality Battalion Corps
April 29, 2011 Uesugi Army has revived from the Warring States period to boost Echigo Joetsu.
Echigo's dragon "Keisuke Uesugi" is headed by two masters "Keika Uesugi", female warrior commander "Matase", foot-light team "Tojoro", foot-light "Tsubame" is "hospitality" with a focus on Kasuga Yamashiro ruins Developing a battle of the name!

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