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[E49] Implementation of partial lane change between Ban Koshigo Mikawa IC and Yasuda IC

E 49About implementing partial lane change between Ban Koshigo Mikawa IC and Yasuda IC

~ Traffic Safety Measures (Additional Lane Installation) Construction is completed soon! ~

July 21, 2017
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Niigata office

NEXCO EAST Niigata branch (Niigata city Chuo Ward)E 49Ban-Etsu Expressway In some sections between Mikawa IC and Yasuda IC, we are promoting the installation of additional lanes (* 1) as traffic safety measures for the temporary two-lane section with the goal of completing the construction in mid November. With the implementation of this work, we will switch lanes sequentially from August 21 (Mon) to about the middle of November.

During the period of lane change work, lanes that can be touched according to the times are changed, so it is very troublesome, but if you drive in that section, we ask that you make efforts for further safe driving.

(* 1) Four-lane two-way lane (one lane on one side) partly to four lanes

1 position map

Location map

About 2 lane switching workAttachment【PDF: 460KB】Link to PDF

  1. : Implementation section Ban-Etsu Expressway between Mikawa IC ~ Yasuda IC
  2. Extension extension: Approximately 2.3 km
  3. Working period with lane switching
    August 21 (Mon), 2017 - mid-November
    * Please understand beforehand that implementation period may change depending on the progress of construction.
  4. Notes on traveling in the execution section
    · When traveling in this section, please make sure that you confirm the front and signs etc. more firmly than usual and strive for safe driving.
    · During construction, some road shoulder narrows due to construction restrictions, which makes customers inconveniently inconvenienced · We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with sufficient attention for traveling .
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