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【E49】 Notice of Nighttime Passenger Terminal on the Ban-Etsu Expressway

E 49Notice of Nightly Closure on the Ban-Etsu Expressway

August 3, 2017
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Niigata office

NEXCO EAST Niigata branch (Niigata city Chuo Ward), in order to make it possible for customers to use the expressway safely, securely and comfortably,E 49We will carry out nighttime traffic closure in the face-to-face traffic section accompanied by pavement repair work, tunnel equipment inspection etc. between the Ban-Etsu Expressway Tsugawa Interchange (IC) and Niigata Central Junction (JCT).

We are sorry for the inconvenience to our customers, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Route Ban-Etsu Expressway
section Tsugawa IC ~ Niigata Central JCT Interline Line
Implementation period September 4 (Mon)-September 8 (Fri) 【5 nights】
Reserve date: September 11 (Mon)-September 15 (Fri)
Time 20: 00 - 6: 00 the next morning
Regulatory content Nightly closure
Construction contents Pave repair work and maintenance work
  • The Agano River service area (SA), the Ginza parking area (PA), the Niigata PA are closed at 19 o'clock on both the up and down lines.
  • Depending on the weather, the regulation period / time may be changed or canceled.
  • Information on other construction regulations etc. will be announced at our HP "Dora Tora" from time to time.

Closing stop and detour

Closing stop and detour
  • Please see the back side for information on road traffic information.
  • Regarding the adjustment of the transfer charge accompanying the passage closingAttachment【PDF: 124 KB】Link to PDF

Information on road traffic information

The site full of convenient information on Expressway nationwide " DraPla "


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モバイル版 ( http://m.driveplaza.com/ )
スマートフォン版 ( http://www.driveplaza.com/smp/ )

Traffic information provision service of Expressway "Drive traffic ( DraTra )"
We provide real-time road traffic information and traffic jam prediction.


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モバイル版 ( http://m.drivetraffic.jp/ )
スマートフォン版 ( http://www.drivetraffic.jp/smp/ )

NEXCO EAST Customer Center
An operator will be available 24/7.

【phone number】

0570-024-024 (Navi dial)
03-5338-7524 (Customers of PHS · IP phone)

Highway telephone
Real-time traffic information (5 minutes update) can be obtained by telephone 24 hours a day.

【phone number】

025-286-1620 (新潟局) 携帯電話・PHSからは「#8162」
* It is connected to the nearest information center from anywhere in the country.
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