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【E8】 Hokuriku Expressway parent unknown IC
6 Notice of Continuous Entry Closure for Day and Night

E8Hokuriku Motorway parent unknown IC
6 Notice of Continuous Entry Closure for Day and Night

August 21, 2017
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Niigata office

NEXCO EAST Niigata branch (Niigata city Chuo Ward), in order to make it possible for customers to use the expressway safely, securely and comfortably,E8Hokuriku Expressway We will close the entrance for six consecutive days and nights from Monday, September 25 (Mon) to 18:00 on September 30 (Sat) at the parent ignorance interchange (IC), and repair work of damaged pavement will be carried out.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Route Hokuriku Expressway
section Parent unknown IC entrance
Implementation date and time Monday, September 25 6:00 to September 30 (Saturday) 18:00 [6 consecutive nights and nights]
Regulatory content Day and night continuous entry closure
Construction contents Pave repair work etc.
Remarks ※ We may change the plan due to weather and other reasons
※ For other information on construction restrictions etc, we will inform you at our HP "Dora Tora" from time to time.

Road stop map drawing

Road stop map drawing

Detour route guide

Detour route guide
Parent ignorant IC 朝 Asahi IC Parent unknown IC → Itoigawa IC
Expressway About 13 minutes About 10 minutes
Use National Highway No. 8 (detour) About 26 minutes About 21 minutes

Customers using Expressway from parent-ignorant IC,National highway No. 8FromAsahi ICOrItoigawa ICplease use.

Information on road traffic information

The site full of convenient information on Expressway nationwide " DraPla "


PC versionExternal link: Another window display
モバイル版 ( http://m.driveplaza.com/ )
スマートフォン版 ( http://www.driveplaza.com/smp/ )

Traffic information provision service of Expressway "Drive traffic ( DraTra )"
We provide real-time road traffic information and traffic jam prediction.


PC versionExternal link: Another window display
モバイル版 ( http://m.drivetraffic.jp/ )
スマートフォン版 ( http://www.drivetraffic.jp/smp/ )

NEXCO EAST Customer Center
An operator will be available 24/7.

【phone number】

0570-024-024 (Navi dial)
03-5338-7524 (Customers of PHS · IP phone)

Highway telephone
Real-time traffic information (5 minutes update) can be obtained by telephone 24 hours a day.

【phone number】

025-286-1620 (新潟局) 携帯電話・PHSからは「#8162」
* It is connected to the nearest information center from anywhere in the country.

Japan Road Traffic Information Center

【address】http://www.jartic.or.jp/External link: Another window display

【phone number】

050-3369-6666, Mobile abbreviated dial "# 8011"
* It is connected to the nearest information center from anywhere in the country.

Data broadcasting

You can check construction regulation information with data broadcasting (d button) of TV Niigata (TeNY).

NEXCO EAST Niigata branch office twitter@ e_nexco_ niigataExternal link: Another window display

Information on driving and traveling in Niigata Prefecture is being disseminated.
For traffic jam information and road closure information, please check drive traffic "Dora Tora".

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