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At 23 SA / PA stores in Expressway
'Niigata Ramen Battlefield! 2017 Fall Camp' was held

At 23 SA / PA stores in Expressway
'Niigata Ramen Battlefield! 2017 Fall Camp' was held

August 31, 2017
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Niigata office
Nex-area Company Limited.
Niigata Branch

NEXCO EAST Niigata branch office and Nexeria East Japan Niigata branch (together Niigata City Chuo Ward) will hold "Niigata Ramen Battlefield! 2017 Autumn Campaign" from September 7 th (Thu) to November 30 (Thu) To the snack corner of 23 service area (SA) and parking area (PA).

"Sanjo curry ramen" of soul food that has been popular in the Sanjo area, including "Kuraki Saigo Ramen" which arranged with Niigata five big ramen's back fat ramen and ginger soy sauce ramen with hints, spinach to ginger-effective soup And "Ginger soy sauce-style ramen" which toppings a lot of ingredients such as wonton and so on, we have unique ramen.

When you go out on the Expressway please drop in at SA · PA and please have a cup of classic noodles or a cup that you can only taste during the fair period.

1 implementation period

September 7, 2017(Thursday) - November 30, 2017 (Thursday)

2 Implementation contents

We will serve small rice to customers who order target menu.

3 Practice place and target menu

Attachment【PDF: 557KB】Link to PDFAs of

An example of a menu

  • Kuraki Saigo Ramen
    Kuraki Saigo Ramen
    (880 yen)
    【Kurosaki PA ( In-bound line)】
  • Sanjo curry ramen
    Sanjo curry ramen
    (780 yen)
    [Sakai PA ( Out-bound )]
  • Ginger soy sauce-style ramen
    Ginger soy sauce-style ramen
    (750 yen)
    【Tanigawadake PA ( In-bound line)】
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