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Thanks to you, Oct. 20, 2010 All members gather in Ulsan SA!
【E49】 Commemorative event held at Bannedo Ban-Etsu Expressway Bandaiyama SA (Upper and Lower Line)

Thanks to you, Oct. 20, 2010 All members gather in Ulsan SA!
E49Ban-Etsu Expressway Held a commemorative event at Bandaiyama SA (UP and UP)

September 15, 2017
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.

NEXCO EAST (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), on October 1 (Sun) on January 1, 2017 at the Banbetsu Expressway Bandaiyama SA (up and down line) "Thanks to Ban Koshido All people gather at Bandaiyama SA on October 1, 20!" We will hold an event.

In this event,E49As an event commemorating 20 years since the full line opening of Ban-Etsu Expressway, we sell local entertainment along the railway area, prefectural products of Fukushima and Niigata, public recording by local radio stations, talk show with local talent, etc. , We will provide you with content that you can fully enjoy "charm" along the railway line.

1 Date and time

Sunday, October 1, 2017 10: 00 ~ 15: 30 (Rain scheduled)

2 Venue

Ban-Etsu Expressway Ulsan SA ( In-bound line) ( Out-bound line)

Coverage of the day

Please come to NEXCO EAST booth in the hall.

Major performers

Ambassador to support Ban Koshidō
  • "Negicco" (Niigata)
    "Negicco" (Niigata)
  • "Kosui Nashiko" (Fukushima)
    "Kosui Nashiko" (Fukushima)
Local performing arts
  • Niigata Banzai Taiko "Shinsuke Gaku" (Niigata Prefecture)
    Niigata Banzai Taiko "Shinsuke Gaku" (Niigata Prefecture)
  • Yosakoi team "Townsman" (Fukushima)
    Yosakoi team "Townsman" (Fukushima)
  • Aizu Higane shishimai "Komatsu Lion preservation society" (Fukushima)
    Aizu Higane shishimai "Komatsu Lion preservation society" (Fukushima)
Local talent
  • Yang (Niigata Prefecture)
    Yang (Niigata Prefecture)
  • Pachuccholine (Fukushima)
    Pachuccholine (Fukushima)

Major Participating Characters

  • Hakuto-kun (Koriyama city)
    Hakuto-kun (Koriyama city)
  • Akazoe (Aizu area)
    Akazoe (Aizu area)
  • Robo Banji (Bandai Town)
    Robo Banji (Bandai Town)
  • Yunin (Showa Village)
    Yunin (Showa Village)
  • Minabe (Kitakata City)
    Minabe (Kitakata City)

Stage program

  Ulsan SA ( In-bound line) Ulsan SA ( Out-bound line)
10:00~ Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony
10:30~ Large group of local residents Aizu Higane Shishimai
11:00~ FM Niigata "Negi style" publicly available
(Negicco talk show)
11:30~   Niigata Banji Taiko
12:00~ Yang Talk Show (Sticker Distribution) Pachinkochlin talk show (sticker distribution)
13:30~   Negicco talk show
14:00~ Large group of local residents  
14:30~   Yang Talk Show (Sticker Distribution)
15:00~ Pachinkochlin talk show (sticker distribution) Bandai mountain dancing
15:30 Event end Event end

Major events Exhibitors (planned)

  1. Ulsan SA ( In-bound line: direction Iwaki)
    Inawashiro-machi Commerce and Industry Association, Aizu Yotsuba Agricultural Cooperative Association Inawashiro Production Cooperative, Aizu Misato Promotion Corporation, Inc. Genki, Genki Co., Ltd. Nagayoshi Honnuma noodle, Torcho Foods Co., Ltd. Osaka-ya, Osasechaya, along the Iwasaki Expressway Urban exchange meeting, NEXCO EAST
  2. Ulsan SA ( Out-bound line: Niigata direction)
    Aizu-shima-machi, Showa-mura, Kitakata-shi, Kitashiobara village, Bandai-machi, The best Aizu project meeting council, NEXCO EAST​ ​

[Reference] Major performer profile

  • Negicco (Niigata)
    平成15年に結成された新潟在住アイドル・ユニット。メンバーはNao☆、Megu、Kaede。現在「新潟観光特使」を務める。本年4月から磐越道全線開通20周年のPRキャラクターとして「磐越道応援大使」に就任。 NEXCO東日本新潟支社の「ETC不正通行対策キャンペーン」キャラクターも平成24年から務めている。
  • Kosui Nasiko (Fukushima)
    Born on November 26, 2009. NEXCO EAST Tohoku branch The 8 year old girl who belongs to Iwaki Management Office. The motif of Kotomizu, a special product of Iwaki City, "pear" to "none", the wish of "no accident" "no violation" is put in the name. As the PR character of Ban Koshido 20th anniversary since April this year, he took office as "ambassador to support Ban Koshidori."
  • Niigata Banzai Taiko "Shinsuke Gaku" (Niigata Prefecture)
    Taiko Taiko has become a rich genetical musicality incorporating "Tarutaruta (Tarutakita)" which is transmitted to Niigata from ancient times and representative folk songs "Sado Osage" "Niigata Henk". At the Shinkansen Dance Festival in Osaka Taiko, we also perform abroad performances such as China, South Korea, Russia, America, Hungary, Sri Lanka, etc. inside and outside Niigata Prefecture.
  • Yosakoi team "Townsman" (Fukushima)
    Established in 2001 to aim to transfer the history of Aizu and the spirit of the white tiger corps as local arts. Through Yosakoi, we aim to create a circle of people within a wide range of age groups from children to adults, to promote the visits of facilities, neighborhood municipalities and school relations, to interact with various teams inside and outside the prefecture, We are Large circle.
  • Aizu Higane shishimai "Komatsu Lion preservation society" (Fukushima)
    Because it is being performed in conjunction with the entrance of Spring Higan, Aizu Wakamatsu intangible cultural property lion dance popular in the name of "Higan shishi" in Aizu. Komatsu Lion preservation society will showcase the Higan shishi lion having an anecdote that enters in a dignified manner with the appearance of Higanishi lion transmitted to the locality under the command of Daiko Yamakawa under the battle of Tsuruga castle by the new government forces.
  • Yang (Niigata Prefecture)
    Born in Niigata June 26, Showa 45, he grew up in Niigata. Local talent who is active in Niigata such as radio personality, reporter, narrator. I will serve as the main personality of "NEXCO EAST presents Driver of Yang" (FM - NIIGATA) for over 10 years.
  • Pachuccholine (Fukushima)
    A combination consisting of Mussh Sato, born in Kanagawa Prefecture, on February 23, 1959, and Fuji Nut, born on August 26, 1983, Fukuoka Prefecture. Active in Fukushima Prefecture at the hilarious live that incorporated the magic.
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