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Winter driving school held

Winter driving school held

~ This year also the rally driver Kenjiro Shinozuka gives driving skill technique of the snow road! ~

December 20, 2017
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Niigata office

NEXCO EAST Niigata branch (Niigata city Chuo Ward) greeted the rally driver Kenjiro Shinozuka who got the first Japanese overall victory in Paris-Dakar Rally as an instructor and has a driving school for improving safe driving skills on the snow road , At the Naeba Ski Resort (Yuzawa Town) on January 27 (Sat), 2018.

Through the lectures by Shinozuka-san (* 1) and the practical workshop (* 2), this event has become a project to encourage participants to realize the importance of improving driving skills on snow roads and safe driving And I will count seventh in this year.

1 Date and time

January 27(Sat), 2018
Department of the morning:
9:30 to 9:50
A lecture
10: 00 - 10: 20 (application unnecessary, free participation)
Practical training seminar
10: 30-12: 30 (Advance registration system)
Afternoon Department:
13: 00-13: 20
A lecture
13: 30-13: 50 (No application required, free participation)
Practical training seminar
14: 00 - 16: 00 (advance application system)
  • Please refer to the following for the application method of the practical training course.
  • Those who participate only in the lecture do not need reception.

2 Held

  1. Lecture by Shinozuka Kenjiro (* 1)
    I will explain the snow street experience stories, points of safe driving, how to respond in case of emergency etc.
  2. Practical training course by Shinozuka Kenjiro (* 2)
    In the special course on the snow, Mr. Shinozuka sits in the passenger's seat and driving with "sudden" (sudden start, sudden braking, sharp curve) which is strictly prohibited on the snowy road, how to respond in case of an emergency on the snow road Escape from, etc.) You will experience.

3 Venue

Naeba Ski Resort 5th parking lot special course

  • If you are attending a lecture only, please gather at the day trip ski center "Schnee" by the reception time.

4 Instructor

Kenjiro Shinozuka

  • 1997 Paris-Dakar Rally Japanese first overall win
  • South Africa · Solar · Challenge of 2010 winner (2 nd win)
  • 2013 Electric car one time charging mileage world record update
  • 2014 Solar car fastest Guinness world record update
  • 2017 Asia Cross Country Rally Modified Gasoline Class Class 1st place

5 Registration fee

Free (※ Transportation fee to the local area will be borne by each person.)

Implementation status of last year
  • Implementation status of last year
  • Implementation status of last year
  • Implementation status of last year

6 Participation application

  • Practical training seminars are required for each part in the morning and afternoon in advance.
  • Each part will be limited to 15 people. If there are many applications, it will be a lottery.
  • Please apply by fax or web.
    If you are a web applicationSpecial siteExternal link: Another window display
    Please fill in the necessary information on, and apply.
    If you apply by FAXApplication form【PDF: 372KB】Link to PDFPlease print out, fill in the necessary matter, please apply.
    Applications by phone are not accepted.
  • Anyone can participate in the lecture freely.

7 Application period

December 20 (Wed), 2017 - January 18 (Thu), 2018

  • To those who applied for a practical lesson, we will contact you by e-mail by lottery by January 19, 2017 (Friday).

8 Cooperating organizations

Napa Prince Hotel

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