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[E8] Daily Yamazaki, which is open 24 hours a day in Hokuriku Road Echi Chukai PA (up and down line), opens a store Out-bound Line: February 10 (Sat), In-bound Line: Open on March 1 (Thu)!

E8Daily Yamazaki opened 24 hours a day at Hokuriku Expressway Koshinbashi PA (up and down line)
Out-bound Line: February 10 (Sat), In-bound Line: Open on March 1 (Thu)!

February 1, 2018
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Niigata office
Nex-area Company Limited.
Niigata Branch

NEXCO EAST Niigata Regional Head Office When Nex-area Company Limited Niigata Branch (both in Chuo-ku, Niigata City)E8Open the convenience store "Daily Yamazaki" open 24 hours at Hokuriku Expressway Echimanbashi parking area (up and down line).

Our shop is a convenience store open 24 hours, with eat-in corner in addition to souvenirs of Hokuriku and Niigata. Among them, warm menu that puts Toyama color in front such as "Toyama Black Ramen" popular in Toyama and Toyama white shrimp with white shrimp with Toyama specialty is recommended for cold winter.

1 Renewal opening date

[Out-bound Line: Niigata direction] 7 am on Saturday, February 10, 2018
[In-bound Line: Toyama direction] 7 am on Thursday, March 1, 2018

2 store overview

E8Hokuriku Expressway Yoshinari Borne parking area (up and down line)
<Asahi-cho Town Shimushinagawa-gun, Toyama Prefecture>
business hours:
Convenience store 24 hours open
Meals provided at Eat-in Corner From 7 am to 7 pm
Eat in Corner:
In-bound line: 19 seats Out-bound line: 21 seats
In addition to installing a bank ATM that can be used for 24 hours, at the cashier at a convenience store, we also support the payment of utility bills.

3 store images and recommended products introduction

  • Store appearance image
    Store appearance image
  • "Toyama Black Ramen"
    "Toyama Black Ramen"
    (680 yen)
  •  "Toyama Shrimp Kaki-fried Buckwheat"
    "Toyama Shrimp Kaki-fried Buckwheat"
    (580 yen)

4 Open Memorial Service

In commemoration of the renewal opening, you can purchase the target item at great price during the following period.
Out-bound Line: February 10 (Saturday) 7 am-February 19 (Mon) until midnight
In-bound Line: March 1 (Thursday) 7 am-March 12 (Mon) until midnight

  • Rice ball various 100 yen ※
  • All lunch boxes 50 yen discount from regular price ※
  • 30 yen discount from various bread price
  • In-store manufactured fried food 30 yen discount from various regular price
  • All Chinese noodles 100 yen
  • All kinds of rice balls and lunch boxes are Out-bound Line: February 10 (Sat) 7 am-February 12 (Mon) from midnight
    In-bound Line: Conducted from 7 am to 3 am (Saturday) March 1 (Thursday) until midnight.

5 Improvement of parking lot

Considering the ease of use and safety of customers, we eliminated the step between the parking lot and the sidewalk and made it barrier-free.

6 Establishment of walk-in gate (customer gateway from the general road)

A new "walk-in gate" will be installed at Echichu PA ( In-bound ).
We also have a parking lot for customers, so please use it by all means.

NEXCO EAST Then, Expressway A walk-in gate where customers can easily use SA and PA from general roads so that their service areas and parking areas (SA and PA) will be familiar facilities for customers living in the surrounding area We are in the process of installing

In addition, with "walk in gate", NEXCO EAST It is a nickname of the entrance for customers from the general road promoted by

Walk in gate
(Logo Mark Design)
Expressing "gate" to welcome everyone who coming "walking" by using "P" representing the parking area of ​​the service area · parking area (SA · PA).
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