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FM Niigata "Yan no Kimaru Drive" live broadcast live!

FM Niigata "Yan no Kimaru Drive" live broadcast live!

~ Special event in winter outing! Open live broadcast at FM Niigata satellite studio ~

Jan. 17, 2019
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Niigata office

NEXCO EAST Niigata Regional Head Office (Niigata-shi Chuo-ku), a special program of popular radio program " NEXCO EAST presents Yan no kimitsu" popularly broadcasted on Friday Niigata on Thursday (common name: Yang Mima), February 2 (Saturday) It will be broadcast live at FM Niigata satellite studio of 10,000 Yen from 1 pm.

In this special program, the normal broadcast of about 15 minutes by popularity talent "Yang" Mr. in 1 hour Large , titled winter of going out large-featured, Expressway introduction and Yang qi gong split the fee becomes profitable "Winter Path" Watch the state of the ski resort location as well.

1 broadcast date

2019, February 2 (Saturday) 55 minutes at 12 o'clock 00 minutes to 12 (live)

2 Program name

NEXCO EAST presents Drive holiday edition

3 Recording location

Furmana FM Niigata Satellite Studio

4 performers


5 Broadcast contents

[1] Listen to the winter season! Introduction of "Dora-wari" that can be used conveniently on Expressway
【2】 Enjoy winter sports at Maiko Snow Resort! (Broadcasting the recording state)

6 shows HP

http://www.yankima.comExternal link: Another window display (You can enjoy past broadcast content and location movie)

  • Drive as it is of Yang
  • The program, which started broadcasting in October 2006, is a popular talent "Yan" from 10:13 to 10:30 every Thursday in FM Niigata, Expressway We broadcast the pattern to "drive voluntarily" in Niigata prefecture every week using.
    In the program, we guide Yang's friendly and light talk with all kinds of drive information, such as sightseeing, food and culture in Niigata Prefecture. From the start of broadcasting as of the end of last monthTotal 641 timesWe introduce facilities of various genres from popular tourist spots inside and outside Niigata prefecture to maniac dining halls.


【Cast Member Profile】 Yan

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