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Our first! Dorawari "Niigata Sightseeing Drive Pass"
We will release the Niigata Tour Plan for rental car users only!

Our first! Dorawari "Niigata Sightseeing Drive Pass"
We will release the Niigata Tour Plan for rental car users only!

To NEXCO EAST... which supports inbound, secondary traffic demand awakening of Niigata ...

To NEXCO EAST... which supports inbound, secondary traffic demand awakening of Niigata ...

2019 June 17
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd. Niigata Regional Head Office
Niigata Prefecture Tourism Association

NEXCO EAST Niigata Regional Head Office(Chuo-ku, Niigata City) is for those who travel around Niigata Prefecture with a rental car. Expressway We will release Dora Discount "Niigata Sightseeing Drive Pass-Car Rental Limited Course-" from July 1 (Monday), for which the rate is discounted.

This is the first car rental user limited Dora percent product. Including foreigners visiting Japan, we have prepared a plan that makes it easier for those who want to explore Niigata with a rental car.

In addition, this product, which makes Niigata tourism highly profitable, cooperates with the non-profit organization Niigata Prefecture Tourism Association etc., and offers special treatment benefits for over 100 tourist facilities.

Niigata tour plan ~ rental car limited course ~

1 Term of use

2019 Two days or three days out of the target period from July 1 (Mon) to December 5 (Thu).

2 Release date

2019 From July 1 (Mon), stores targeted for handling (see Attachment【PDF:71KB】Link to PDFUse acceptance start in)

3 Selling price and target model (ETC only)

Normal car (※ 1) Mini cars (※ 1)
2 days 4,700 yen ¥ 3,700
3 days 5,600 yen 4,400 yen

(※ 1) Partner car rental company (see Attachment【PDF:71KB】Link to PDFThis is limited to regular vehicles and mini-vehicles, etc.), and vehicles that travel by ETC wireless communication using ETC cards lent by partner car rental companies.

4 Use cases for deals

Examples of best use

5 Use section

Usage section

Around the area

Hokuriku Expressway Promiscuous IC, Itoigawa IC, Nosei IC, Famous Tanihama IC, Joetsu IC, Ogata Smart IC, Amagasaki IC, Yoneyama IC, Amagasaki IC, Nishiyama IC,
Nagaoka Kita Smart IC, Nakanoshima Mitsuki IC, Sakae Smart IC, Sanjo Sakai IC, Makigata East IC, Kurosaki Smart IC, Niigata West IC
Japan Sea Tohoku Expressway Niigata Kameda IC, Niigata East Smart IC, Niigata Airport IC, Toyoei Smart IC, Toyoei Niigata East Port IC, Seiryo Shibata IC, Nakajo IC,
Arakawa intrathecal IC
Kan-Etsu Expressway Nagaoka IC, Nagaoka Minami Koshiji Smart IC, Ojiya IC, Echigo Kawaguchi IC, Horinouchi IC, Koide IC, Yamato Smart IC, Rokkamachi IC,
Shiozawa Ishiuchi IC, Yuzawa IC
Ban Koshige Niigata Central IC, Niitsu Xi Smart IC, Niitsu IC, Yasuda IC, Mikawa IC, Tsugawa IC
Joshin-Etsu Expressway Joetsu Takada IC, Arai Smart IC, Nakacho IC, Myoko Takahara IC

6 How to use

  • [1] This product handling car rental shop (see Attachment【PDF:71KB】Link to PDFBook a rental car at).
  • [2] At the storefront of the above store, offer the store staff a request for using this product, and fill out the application form.
  • [3] We receive rental of rental car and ETC card (※ 2).
    (* 2) Customers can not use their own ETC card.
  • [4] During the application period, in the above figure "Syuyu area"Expressway You will travel.
  • [5] Return the rental car and ETC card to the rental company (* 3).
    (※ 3) If you traveled outside the tour area of this product using the ETC card loaned from the rental car shop during the application period, separately pay the toll outside the tour area when returning the ETC card. You will

7 Notes on Use

  • Traveling from the IC outside the tour area to the IC outside the tour area charges a toll on the entire section used.
  • Depending on the section, day of the week, and time of day, people using ordinary ETC discounts may get cheaper on Expressway fees.
  • Smart IC may be limited in use time.

Privilege benefit

  • [1] Benefits at tourist facilities
    We can receive services such as tourist facilities, food and lodging, hot spring facilities etc, discount of admission fee at the target sightseeing facilities, presenting gifts etc.
  • [2] Questionnaire present
    A nice present will be picked up from the lottery among customers who answered the questionnaire after use.

Details of the special treatment benefits"Dorawari " special pageExternal link: Another window displayPlease check with.

Drain"Dorawari " means the discount of ETC fee reserved in advance by NEXCO EAST Co., Ltd., driving information such as otaku information in the service area · parking area, point service of the official card "E-NEXCO pass", etc. It is a generic term for services to have "drive travel" enjoyed by "cheap" in various scenes.
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