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On the results of the winter tire wearing rate survey of Expressway (Part 2)

On the results of the winter tire wearing rate survey of Expressway (Part 2)

~ About 30% are still not equipped with winter tires ~

2019 November 28
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Niigata office

NEXCO EAST Niigata Regional Head Office(Chuo-ku, Niigata City) will conduct a winter tire installation rate survey in the service area (SA) and parking area (PA) of four Expressway in Niigata prefecture on November 26 (Tuesday). did.

Winter tire installation rate is 70% for all cars(Large car 92%, small car 62%)About 30% of customers do not wear winter tireswas. To reach the full-scale snowfall from now on,Please also exchange early winter tires and carry the chain.

This survey is aimed at raising the early exchanges of winter tires and enlightening the safe driving of snow roads,Weekly until the installation rate reaches 90%

1 Outline of tire wearing rate survey for winter

Survey method
  • Investigators visually check the tire type of the vehicle parked in SA / PA to be surveyed
  • Survey about 50 units in one place
  • Larger vehicles are oversized vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles and medium-sized vehicles classified as tariff classification vehicles, compact cars as regular cars, mini vehicles

* The number of survey cases may be changed depending on the usage situation of the parking lot.

Survey location

E17Kan-Etsu Expressway / Tanigawa-dake PA,E8 Hokuriku way · Kurosu PA, Hokuriku road · Yoneyama SA,E18Joshinetsu way · Myoko SA
※ We carry out all Out-bound line

Scheduled survey date and result announcement date * The survey date is subject to change due to weather and other reasons.
  1st Part 2 The 3 rd 4th
Survey date 11/19 (Tue) 11/26 (Tue) 12/3 (Tue) 12/10 (Tue)
Result publication date 11/21 (Thu) 11/28 (Thu) 12/5 (Thu) 12/12 (Thu)

2 Winter tire wearing rate survey results (surveyed number: 218)

Survey location Classification Number of survey units This time survey
11/26 (Tue)
[Reference] Last time
The first survey
11/19 (Tue)
First snow day
Ordinary tire Winter tire Total
E17Kan-Etsu Expressway
Tanigawadake PA
( Out-bound )
Compact car 9 22 31 71% 7% Last year: 11/22
this year:11/19
A large car 0 20 20 100% 78%
Total 9 42 51 82% 40%
E8Hokuriku Expressway
Kurosaki PA
( Out-bound )
Compact car 21 29 50 58% 25% Last year: 12/7
this year:Unobserved
A large car 1 16 17 94% 87%
Total 22 45 67 67% 38%
E8Hokuriku Expressway
Yoneyama SA
( Out-bound )
Compact car 14 26 40 65% 46% Last year: 12/8
this year:Unobserved
A large car 3 7 10 70% 75%
Total 17 33 50 66% 53%
E18Joshin-Etsu Expressway
Myoko SA
( Out-bound )
Compact car 17 21 38 55% 31% Last year: 11/22
this year:11/19
A large car 1 11 12 92% 71%
Total 18 32 50 64% 43%
total Compact car 61 98 159 62% 28%  
A large car 5 54 59 92% 78%
Total 66 152 218 70% 43%

3 Request from NEXCO EAST Niigata branch office

  • "Wear early winter tires before snowfall" and "Carry the chain" please.

    The first snow has already been observed on the Expressway prefecture, and the full-scale snowfall season will begin. Driving on snowy roads without wearing winter tires is very dangerous,If you are not wearing winter tires, please replace them early.

    Also, in the case of heavy snow, it may be mandatory to wear a chain even for winter tires.Carrying a chainDo not forget, please.

  • "Driving slowly and safely on snowy roads" please.

    At the beginning of the snowfall season there is a tendency for traffic accidents to occur even if wearing tires for winter is installed because the driving feeling on the snowy road has not returned.

    Beyond the usual inter-vehicle distance and moderate the speed, do not operate "sudden" such as "steering wheel", "rapid acceleration", "sudden braking", etc. Please slow and safe driving.

  • Please collect "Frequent information gathering before going out and going out".

    The weather changes suddenly in the winter Expressway . Even though the starting place is sunny, there may be snowing at the destination and passing point, so please wear a tire for winter and carry a tire chain.

    Also, please frequently check road information and weather information before going out or in the service area.
    "Drive traffic (Dora Tora)"External link: Another window displayWe provide traffic jam prediction, real-time traffic information, weather (snowy road) prediction of Expressway information on road condition (snow road live camera).

Dr. MammothIn NEXCO EAST, in order to use the winter highway safely, securely, comfortably and conveniently, at SA, PA, toll booth safety awareness activities and traffic safety campaign, "Dorapura""Dr. Mammoth's winter Expressway course"External link: Another window displayWe actively disseminate information on snow courses, such as the distribution of the snow.
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