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"Drama" first volume! Tohoku reconstruction
We issue "2019 Yamagata ramen map" available from 10 consecutive holidays this year

"Drama" first volume! Tohoku reconstruction

Available from 10 consecutive holidays"2019 Yamagata Ramen Map"Will be issued again this year

Enjoy the ramen of Yamagata and get a present! To

Enjoy the ramen of Yamagata and get a present! To

The death2019 April 26
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Tohoku office

NEXCO EAST Tohoku Regional Head Office(Aoba-ku, Sendai City) is designed to allow customers using Expressway to enjoy the ramen of Yamagata Prefecture, which is said to be Japan's largest consumption."2019 Yamagata Ramen Map"Will be issued as follows.

This campaign cooperates with the Yamagata Tourism Campaign Promotion Council (Yamagata Prefecture Tourism Organization Prefecture Promotion Division Food and Beverage Tourism Promotion Office) and 81 ramen shops in Yamagata Prefecture, and feel free to use Yamagata Prefecture using Expressway It is a good value and fun project that you can visit and enjoy ramen, and if you apply for a present project, you will win a hotel ticket by lottery.

It is profitable by "Doraemon" drive!

"Doratoku" is a collective term for services provided by NEXCO EAST Tohoku Branch for the local community to enjoy the drive to customers who use expressways.

1 implementation period

April 27 (Sat)-November 30 (Sat), 2019 [For about 7 months]

How to use 2 stamp rally

Depending on the number and type of stamp (※ highway stamp) stamped in ramen shop and Expressway service area (SA), parking area (PA) listed in Yamagata ramen map, the following presents will be drawn by lot . At the ramen shop, if you present the postcard for "Yamagata ramen map" at the time of accounting, the stamp will be sealed.

In addition, when aiming at conquest of all 81 stores, "Yamagata Ramen Map"Directly stamp each shop fieldAs you do,Three of them are stamped on postcards as wellPlease do it.

※ Please confirm SA / PA with highway stamp at the following URL.
https://www.driveplaza.com/stamp/ External link: Another window display

"3 stamps stamped"

[1] 1 stamp of 2 ramen restaurants and 1 stamp of SA and PA (Gojale award target)
[2] Stamp of 3 ramen stores (objects other than the Gojare Award)

Gojare award: "Yamagata Prefecture hot spring pair accommodation ticket (equivalent to 30,000 yen)" ... 3 people
※ 1 Stamp of 2 ramen shops and one SA / PA stamp
※ 2 For those who won all stores
Prize A: "A meal ticket that can be used at a listed store" ... 20 people
※ 1 those who regrettably missed the lotteries of the Gojare Prize
※ 2 Stamp of 3 ramen shops
Prize B: "One Yamagata specialty product, baked one" store voucher ... 100 people
※ 1 Those who carefully missed the lotteries of the Gojare Prize and the A prize
※ 2 Stamp of 3 ramen shops
Yamagata Tour Award: "Yamagata Prefecture hot spring pair bathing ticket" ... 10 people
※ 1 Applicants from outside Yamagata Prefecture who missed the drawing of the Gojare Award and the A and B prizes
※ For those who apply from outside Yamagata Prefecture of the stamp seal of 2 ramen stores 3 stores
All store conquest award: "original bowl" + "original pin batch"
※ All one who was conquered by all stores
※ 2 stamp of all stores
Pin batch award: "Original pin batch"(1 person per person)
※ If you have over 30 stores

3 Stamp Rally How to apply

"3 stamps stamped"

Apply for "Yamagata Ramen Map" Postcard Please put a stamp on the postcard and fill in the required items and apply.

"All 81 stores won"

[1] Address, [2] Name, [3] Phone number, [4] Age, [5] Sex, [6] Where to obtain this map, [7] Candid Please fill in the comments and comments (this project, present contents, feedback on eating etc.), and send it to the following secretariat with "Yamagata Ramen Map". In addition, if there is no entry in each item, it will not be subject to each lottery, so please fill in without omission.

In addition, please note that the map you sent when you applied will not be returned.

[1] Deadline for application: Valid until the postmark on Monday, December 2, 2019
[2] Application address: [Campaign Office]

MUSEE 101 Office 2-14 Sakurada West 4 - chome Yamagata City Yamagata Prefecture 990-2321
Design Office B - 2 UNIT (Be Two Unit)
URLhttp://www.b2unit.biz/ramenmap/ External link: Another window display
TEL 023-674-0670 (reception time / weekdays 9:00 to 17:00)

4 winning announcement

The announcement of the winner will be posted on the "Campaign Secretariat HP" and will be returned with the gift of the present.

[1] Campaign Secretariat website: About mid-December 2019
【2】 Shipping

Gojare Award: late December 2019
Prize A: late December 2019
Prize B: late December 2019
Yamagata Tour Award: Late December 2019
Pin batch award: late December 2019
Total store conquest award: around mid-February 2020

5 How to obtain the map

You can obtain "Yamagata Ramen Map" at the following SA / PA and 81 ramen shops that support it. Please drop in on the Expressway.

<< SA / PA in the Expressway>>
Maezawa SA ( In-bound line), Choshahara SA ( In-bound line), Tsurunasu PA ( In-bound line), Kiryu PA ( In-bound line), Kunimi SA ( Out-bound line), Ada Tara SA ( Out-bound line)
Ban-Etsu Expressway
Ulsan SA ( In-bound line), Abukuma Kogen SA ( Out-bound line)
Yamagata Expressway
All SA · PA (vertical line)
Tohoku-Chuo Expressway
All PA (upper and lower line)

※ Please note that the quantity on the map is limited.

6 Sponsored facilities

Yamagata City, Tendo City, Higashine City, Murayama City, Sakawae City, Hebei Town, Nakayama Town, Yamabe Town, Kamiyama City, Nanzan City, Takanagi Town, Yonezawa City, Nagai City 81 stores (Nagai City)Appendix Map[PDF: 18.4MB]Link to PDFAs of)

7 Customer contact information

  • Inquiries about this campaign
    Please contact the "Campaign Secretariat" mentioned in 3. above.
  • Inquiries about menus and opening times of posted shops
    Please contact each store listed on the map directly.


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