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"Dora profit" second! Tohoku revival campaign
We carry out "highway Akita north hot spring paradise service campaign 2019" available from 10 consecutive holidays this year

"Dora profit" second! Tohoku revival campaign

Available from 10 consecutive holidays"Highway Akita Kita Onsen Paradise Service Campaign 2019"Will carry out this year

~ Stamps rally hits luxury items such as hot spring pair accommodation tickets! To

The death2019 April 26
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Tohoku office

NEXCO EAST Tohoku Branch (Sendai-shi Aoba-ku) is a place where you can enjoy hot springs in Akita Prefecture (Kazuno City, Kosaka Town · Odate City) and Aomori Prefecture (Hirakawa City) slowly to customers using expressway"Highway Akita Kita Onsen Paradise Service Campaign 2019"As follows.

This campaign offers discounts for day trip hot spring bathing fees with pamphlet pass tickets, and if you go round the hot spring facilities and collect stamps, luxury products will be won by lottery, and those who like hot springs will be a great value for money and fun planning It has become.

It is profitable by "Doraemon" drive!

"Doratoku" is a collective term for services provided by NEXCO EAST Tohoku Branch for the local community to enjoy the drive to customers who use expressways.

1 implementation period

April 27 (Sat)-November 30 (Sat), 2019 [For about 7 months]

2 How to use

  • [1] One day trip hot spring bathing fee discount etc
    Fill in the necessary information on the bathing pass ticket in the brochure and present the ETC card or Expressway certificate to the participating hot spring facilities, and you will receive a discount on the daytime bathing fee or a rough gift etc. without exception.
    ※ As bathing use ticket and stamp rally seal column are printed on brochure, please cut off and use.
  • [2] Stamp rally
    When you use it in the hot spring facility published in the pamphlet, I will stamp the stamp.
    When collecting the stamps of the 3 districts, the following gifts will be selected by lot or by the number of stamps stamped.

«3 places in each 3 districts, total of nine places in total»

"Shot pair pair accommodation ticket" is presented to six people by S prize lottery

«3 places in each 3 districts, total of nine places in total»

Prize A Two hot spring bathing tickets will be presented to all applicants

«2 places in each of 3 districts, total of 6 places in total»

Prize B One "hot spring bathing ticket" for all applicants

In addition, we draw by lottery from all applicants (however, except hot spring pair accommodation ticket winners) in three districts one place each, total three or more in total, each of the K prize "Kankaku special product", N prize "NEXCO EAST souvenir" Present for 10 people

3 Stamp Rally How to apply

Application for pamphlet publication Post in the post office, fill in the necessary items, Tohoku Expressway Tayama parking area (PA), Yuse PA, garland service area (SA), Kosaka PA highway post “Customer voice” box Alternatively, please post the required stamp and mail it.

Deadline for application: Monday, December 2, 2019 Postmarking effective on the day

4 winning announcement

Announcement of the winners of "Hot spring pair accommodation ticket", "Kankaku special product" and "NEXCO EAST souvenir" will be returned with the delivery of prizes.

5 How to obtain the brochure

Pamphlets can be obtained from Aomori · Iwate · SA in Akita Prefecture below.
Please drop in when you use the Expressway .

«SA · PA in the Expressway >>

Tohoku Expressway
Wreath SA (up and down line), Tsugaru SA ( In-bound line), Chorahara SA ( Out-bound line), Maezawa SA ( Out-bound line)
Shinami SA ( Out-bound ), Iwateyama SA ( Out-bound )
Akita Expressway
Kinshigu Lake SA (vertical concentration), Nishin Soko SA (up and down line)
Hachinohe Expressway
Folded nail SA ( In-bound line)

※ Because the quantity of brochures is limited, please be aware when out of stock.

6 Campaign participating facilities

33 facilities in Akita Prefecture (Kazuno City, Kosaka Town, Odate City) and Aomori Prefecture (Hirakawa City)Appendix Brochure【PDF: 7.85MB】Link to PDFAs of)

7 Customer contact information

  • Inquiries about this campaign
    NEXCO EAST Customer Center
    TEL 0570-024-024 (24 hour operators supported)
    or 03-5338-7524
  • Inquiries about business hours of each hot spring facility
    Please contact each facility listed in the pamphlet directly.


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