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【E4】 Tohoku Expressway Between Towada IC and Kosaka IC
Implemented all day face-to-face traffic regulation by renewal construction

~ Efforts to make long-term use of aging Expressway safe -

E4Tohoku Expressway Between Towada IC and Kosaka IC
Renewal due to constructionAll-day traffic regulation for two-way trafficCarried out

~ First renewal work in Akita Prefecture! To


2019 July 19
East Nippon Expressway Co., Ltd.
Tohoku Regional Head Office Towada Management Office

NEXCO EAST Towada Management Office (Kazuno-city, Akita Prefecture)E4Tohoku Expressway Between Towada Interchange (IC) and Kosaka IC, we will carry out the renewal work of the deteriorated bridge and tunnel.

The regulations implemented this time are the Kosakagawa Bridge (on the target section)Out-bound We will carry out the construction to replace the deteriorated floor slab of the line side) with the new one and the repair construction of Kamedayama Tunnel (TN) in one.

During the construction period, we will implement face-to-face traffic restrictions or passing lane restrictions throughout the day. Please cooperate with sufficient safe driving in the regulation section.

In addition, we do not anticipate the occurrence of traffic congestion due to construction, but when going out, we have a dedicated website for renewal projectshttps://www.e-nexco.co.jp/renewal/touhokudou/akita/] And "DraTra Please check traffic information on websites such as

It is necessary work to keep highway network function sound for a long time. We will do our best to minimize inconveniences to our customers, so please understand and cooperate.

One-way restriction section

Tohoku Expressway Between Towada IC and Kosaka IC (up and down line)

Traffic regulation section

Two-way regulatory period

2019 August 19 (Mon)-November 1 (Fri) 75 days
※Preparation day 2019 October 28 (Mon)-November 1 (Fri)

Traffic regulation period
  • Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are also regulated all day.
  • Depending on the progress of construction, the regulation period may be changed.

3 traffic regulations

Face-to-face traffic regulation status

[Face to face traffic regulation status]

In the case of renewal work, we reduce section of each two lanes of upper and lower lines into one lane and gather in one side and carry out meeting regulation of traffic all day. At the start and end of the construction period, there will be all day lane regulation for upper and lower lines as a preparatory work to switch lanes. The regulatory time will be from 6:30 on the regulatory start date to 16:00 on the regulatory removal date. ※ About construction regulation step figureAnnex 1【PDF: 142KB】Link to PDFPlease refer to.
Face to face regulation image
Face to face regulation image

4 Construction details

Tohoku Expressway About 33 years have passed since the opening of the Kosakagawa Bridge, which is located between Towada IC and Kosaka IC, and due to the repeated loading of wheels due to the increase in size of the vehicle, fine cracks and saltiness of the antifreeze agent during winter season cause As deterioration of the concrete floor slab and rusting of rebar occur, it is necessary to carry out drastic measures against deterioration. You can use it safely and comfortably by replacing the deteriorated existing concrete floor slab with a new floor slab Expressway Will be reborn.

In addition, Kamedayama TN located in the same section has cracks, floats, peelings, leaks, etc. of concrete surface (covering surface) in the tunnel, so it is necessary to carry out anti-falling work and back cavity injection work. .

This work aims to streamline work and reduce costs by simultaneously carrying out the above-mentioned Kosakagawa Bridge and Kamedayama TN renewal work between Towada IC and Kosaka IC under one-to-one traffic regulation. In addition, we will carry out floor deck waterproofing of bridge, pavement repair, road detailed inspection together.

Construction image
Construction image

5 Requests when using

  • [1] With construction, we reduce section of two lanes each of the present upper and lower lines to approximately one lane for approximately 3.8km, In-bound Consolidate on the line and conduct all day meeting restrictions. During the construction period, traffic jams are not expected to occur all day due to face-to-face traffic restrictions, but if you use the section, you should try for more safe driving, and you will have time for use. I would like to go out with you.
  • [2] In the vicinity of the construction site, there are vehicles for construction work.
  • [3] The traffic lane and shoulders are narrow in the facing traffic regulation section. Therefore, when traveling, observe the regulation speed, secure the inter-vehicle distance, and be careful of rear-end accidents. In addition, as the lanes are switched largely before and after the face-to-face traffic regulation section, please follow the local guidance signs etc. to pass.
  • [4] During the construction period, we will carry out a call for attention to provide construction regulations information utilizing road information boards and street signs and for safe travel. When driving, please check these information and drive safely.
  • 【5】 Please check the latest traffic regulations and traffic jam information on the website such as " DraTra " before going out.
Information providing image around the construction site Photo
Information providing image around the construction site Photo

6 Efforts to minimize inconveniences to customers caused by construction

Consolidation of work

This work will improve the efficiency of the work and reduce costs by simultaneously carrying out the renewal work of Kosakagawa Bridge and Kamedayama TN between Towada IC and Kosaka IC under one-to-one traffic regulation.

Enhance information provision

The regulatory schedule is Expressway In addition to the above information board (electric bulletin board), in the Tohoku region, the contents of the regulation will be notified in advance by television commercials and radio commercials and newspaper advertisements, and the establishment of the signboards and poster leaflets will be posted on the rest facilities.

Notice image ※ This Regional Head Office It is a public relations material of the renewal work carried out in the jurisdiction


TV commercial







Display example of real-time traffic information

Display example of real-time traffic information

About 7 traffic information acquisition methods

(1) road traffic information that can be obtained before going out
  • NEXCO EAST Customer Center
    0570-024-024 or 03-5338-7524
  • NEXCO EAST Website "Construction regulation information"
    (Provide information on construction restrictions in each region)
    Select "Construction regulation information" from the tag of "How to use Expressway " and "North tohoku"Please refer to the.
  • NEXCO EAST Road Traffic Information Site "Dora Tora"
    (Provide traffic information on Expressway nationwide)
    【PC】External link: Another window display
    【Mobile】 http://m.drivetraffic.jp/
  • Highway telephone
    (Provide traffic information updated every 5 minutes)
    Aomori Bureau 017-781-1620
    Akita Bureau 018-826-1620
    Morioka station 019-639-1620
    (Mobile phone / PHS speed dial # 8162)
  • Road traffic information of Japan Road Traffic Information Center (JARTIC)
    National common dial 050-3369-6666 (mobile speed dial # 8011)
    * Follow the voice guidance, please select the region / state / prefecture which you wish to obtain traffic information.
    the internetExternal link: Another window display
(2) Road traffic information available during driving
  • Road information board
  • Highway radio (AM 1620 kHz)
    The section broadcasting the highway radio is indicated by a sign on the Expressway .
  • Highway Information Terminal
    Wide-area road traffic information is announced on monitor screens installed at SA and PA.
* Twitter's official account "NEXCO EAST (Tohoku)" (@e_nexco_tohokuExternal link: Another window display) Also distributes information.

8 Renewed construction plan between Ansei IC and Kasumigaseki IC after 2020

Period and facing traffic regulation enforcement section
  • 【1】May-July, 2020 approximately 4km between Towada IC and Kosaka IC
  • 【2】August-October 2020 about 3km between Kosaka IC and Kasumigaseki IC
  • 【3】3-May, May-August · · · Between Anshiro IC and Kankaku Hachimantai IC about 15km
  • 【4】Between September and November, about 3 years · · · · Between the Ansei IC ~ Kakaku Hachimantai IC about 15km

※ We will announce as soon as details are decided about conduct time and construction contents

Construction section map
Expressway renewal project
Expressway renewal project
For now, safety and security to the next generation.
NEXCO EAST To deliver safety and peace of mind to everyone,
We will work on the large-scale update / repair project at Expressway.
URL:http://www.e-nexco.co.jp/renewal/External link: Another window display

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